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Paul Turnpaugh: A graduate of our CHt and Neuro Linguistic Programming class! Congratulations, Paul!

Robert Plamandon: A graduate of our Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming class! Congratulations, Robert!

Barbara Plumber: Coaching brings you to higher levels of understanding

Carol: NLP Master Class

Dr. Steven McClure NLP Master Class


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On Our Coaching Class

Carlos Carreon – Coaching Class Graduate

Rese Bourdéau- Coaching Class Graduate

Rebecca Hufford – Coaching Class Graduate

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“Thank you for helping me to uncover the hidden potential within me. I feel much more confident in my career choice and in my abilities in general. It is a comforting feeling knowing I am in contact with wise people with a wide variety of knowledge. I’m thankful to be part of a great resourceful family of like minds.”
– Linda R. Business Owner

“Everything I experienced surpassed my expectations. The philosophies came alive and I left full of enthusiasm and Joy!”
– Joan L., Household Executive

“I expected to learn about Hypnosis & NLP, but felt I was also given the gift of having my own beliefs shift in Positive ways. It’s too bad hypnosis and NLP and are not required skills for all who work in the field of healing.”
– Alex P. , Psychotherapist

WORKSHOP: Neuro Linguistic Programming Masters Program at Apositiva

“This course enabled me to work thru layers of clutter, confusion, and conflict, so that. I can revel in my true mission and task: Mastery!”

– Johnny M., Self-Mastery Initiator

“And for a second time I have gone through the NLP Master program. I have witnessed the growth of an already amazing class. This time around I saw how the students were encouraged to work together as they created models of each other in a small group setting. Really a great class!!” 

– Becca H., Teacher, Coach, Hypnotherapist

On the NLP Mastery class: “You made a difference.  I have been beautifully and masterfully taught to become a master of my own life! Learning to become flexible and flow with life will be a gift that I will cherish always!

– Jodi S., Masterful Learner

WORKSHOP:Growing Coach Training in Portland

“I am a 2013 graduate of Cat’s coaching training. During our course, I learned so much, not just in terms of how to coach, but also about myself. In the process of studying, practicing, and being coached during those training weekends, I went through a kind of personal transformation. While my background is in counseling and I have spent 20 years helping others and that modality, taking a look at my own life, goals, and presumed limitation through the lens of Cat’s coaching techniques (especially NLP, the heroes journey, and benchmarking) allowed me to get outside of my ingrained a beliefs about my own limitations, and ultimately led me to thinking very differently about mental illness and mental health. I was able to experience what it might be like to be a client in coaching, where the labels in psychiatry or not the point nor the emphasis, and simply experience the possibility thinking that coaching offers to anyone open to its perspective.

Because I unexpectedly had to move out of Portland before our last training weekend, I had to miss the last class in person. However, Cat made sure that I was able to attend virtually, by Google Plus, and so the entire weekend I was able to actually participate alongside my classmates. She even gave me (on the computer) my own chair!  I know it took a lot of effort to fiddle with technology (which wasn’t hundred percent cooperative) the whole weekend, but she did anyway, all to make me feel included with my peers.

Cat’s generosity cannot be overstated. She knows how to nudge people to that place just beyond what is comfortable (and stuck) in order to help them reach the goals they set for themselves. Yet she pays great attention to the dynamics of the group and champions each individual she works with. I know that what I learned in those weekends will help me launch a successful career in coaching, and I’ll never forget her for what she gave to me during the summer of 2013. Thank you Cat! Much love and gratitude.

– Camille J., Coach and Mediator


Trudys Photo

WORKSHOP: Hypnotherapy and NLP Certification
“I appreciate the experiential process of the mode of teaching you provide at Apositiva. The practice sessions, not only gave me the opportunity to practice the processes, but also to benefit from the processes personally while fellow students were practicing.  These Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT processes have changed my life! I feel more empowered to live my dreams!  Thank you!”

– Trudy Schorzman, “Healing Harmony,” LMT, C.Ht., P.NLP


Val Jolley

“Wonderful Learning Environment – Caring, Lighthearted Instruction. Very safe place to work through some personal stuff while you are learning valuable tools for helping others!  The best place for learning Hypnosis and NLP.  I Highly Recommend Apositiva!”

– Val Jolley, C.Ht., NLP Practitioner, www.valjolley.com


Julia Sarver
“It was so great to learn the combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy.
I’ve taken classes / workshops in NLP in the past, but the hypno training adds such a powerful element. I loved learning in an in-person, experiential environment. Even better it was such a gift to be able to practice the techniques with classmates, then use them with my clients and then come back and refine the techniques with Cat and Rich.”

Julia Sarver, Health Coach, Hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner  www.findyourglow.com


Maria Osterroth“After taking the NLP-Hypnotherapy Training I feel I have new skills to help people to feel better.
It has been a great journey full of gifts and surprises that has helped me to enjoy my life even more, and appreciate everything I have, instead of just only missing what I don’t currently have. Thank you, Rich and Cat for your guide, passion and enthusiasm.”

Maria Osterroth, Interpreter – Journalist, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

Cynthia Wilson“Apositiva NLP course is a great source for gaining more tools for Hypnotherapy practice.
If you want to have fun while learning NLP, Apositiva Institute is the place to go!  Want to learn NLP but you can’t sit still in classrooms? Come to Apositiva and learn NLP while being an accepted jitterbug student!”

Cynthia Wilson, Bookkeeper, Business Management Marylhurst Univ.
BS, Business Management, C.Ht, P.NLP