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Love in a Shell

Written by Scott Yeager on

What keeps us from expressing love out in the open? Even if you don’t have a romantic love connection, there are plenty of opportunities to express love with our friends, family, and ourselves. But when it feels like everyone else is parading around with bouquets of roses and heart shaped balloons, the easiest thing is to withdraw our love, like a soft creature hiding in […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! Make Pie!

Written by Cat on

What kind of gift shows love? Chocolate? Flowers? A gift card? How about something different? Happy Valentine’s Day! Make a Pie! This recipe found it’s way to many a stomach in my family and among my friends. This pie is a recipe for those who can eat wheat, that I found in the Oregonian years ago. Show your love when you say Happy Valentine’s Day! […]

A Friend Awaits

Written by Cat on

Making friends was scary for me when I was a child. As a shy child I didn’t make friends easily. I worried that if I talked to one of the popular kids they would turn away. Fear of rejection. My mother joined me up for Girl Scouts where I could make friends. What a struggle it was for me. I preferred sitting at home reading […]

Play to Energize Your Day

Written by Cat on

Looking for ideas on how to get energized? Maybe you’ve been staring at the refrigerator, thinking of cleaning it, but just don’t have the mojo. Maybe you want to get started on a work project, but your spirit is just not there. Here is a quick tip. When you’re feeling the blah’s, your spirit needs buffing up. Go play! Giving your self time to play […]

Got Love? No Got Love?

Written by Cat on

Have a Lover, Got Love? No Got Love? by Cat Wilson and Scott Yeager February is here. The month of love means different things to different folks. If you have a lover in your life, you could relate to February with joy and anticipation. If you don’t have a love interest, this could be an angsty time. You might be looking at happy couples with […]

What Type Are You?

Written by Cat on

Feeling Stuck? Need motivation? Curious about what makes you do… you? With a little help, you can understand how you create your world and how to work within it. You can discover your type, from the perspective of Neuro-linguistic Programming, or NLP. Get unstuck and find insight on staying motivated, by shedding a little light on the mystery of yourself. If Only I Had a […]

Mindful in the Moment

Written by Cat on

How do you handle life when everything starts looking foggy?             In looking forward to the unknown, how are you sustained in your wanderings? Can you be calm when the seas of life get choppy? Can you be mindful in the moment? Today I spoke with a friend I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. Why did it take so […]

Inspiration to Find Meaning

Written by Cat on

Nature reminds us that we move in a cycle of seasons as part of a bigger story of place, being, and time. In the season of winter you have the opportunity to rest, reflect, go inside. Here is an opportunity for you to explore and get inspiration to find meaning. What is your meaning? Do you have work that combines personal meaning, continued income, and […]

Women’s Self Care Webinar – Beginning in January

Written by Cat on

I am so excited to be launching an online conversation on self care for women in January! Check out the video below for an idea of what to expect and contact me with any input you have about how I can structure the webinar to best serve you. I will update this page with more details and a link to register in the new year. […]

Past Life to Future Life – Fundraiser

Written by Cat on

Are you curious about past lives? How about future lives? Want to journey to another time? Past Life to Future Life – Fundraiser Every year Cat Wilson holds a special 2-day event for the Portland Rescue Mission. It’s called  “Past Life to Future Life.” On December 31 and January 1 we give a group experience to travel in time. This is special, because 100% of […]