Hypnotherapy Training

Personal Development and Creative Certification Training

Sign Up for a Course Are you a person who likes people? We offer Certified Hypnotherapy Training. Hypnosis is a popular alternative tool for improvement in one’s personal life and business. It is also a great way to help others make a difference in their lives. Want fast change? Want to feel happier and better now? Hypnosis is widely recognized for exploring the possibilities within the unconscious mind.

Live Interactive Online Trainings

Your Present Will Be Your PastApositiva is moving from past to future training. We Offer You a New Hypnosis Learning Format. Your learning will take place in Live Interactive Online Trainings. You will love the convenience of learning at home part time as well as experiential classroom practice after Covid 19. Webinars can be replayed for a fun catch-up. Apositiva has always been known as a collaborative and creative training center. When you come here, you will experience different instructors. Currently, we are planning classes with our colleague Geoffrey Knight, and we frequently bring respected Instructors from outside as well as our Advanced Graduates to teach in areas they love and are exceedingly skilled!

Where Is Our Training Accepted?

Accepted by organizations including Oregon Hypnotherapy Association (OHA) and National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), as well as many other hypnosis and NLP organizations. Your training can be used around the country, but keep in mind that each state has their own set of laws.

Who Comes to Apositiva as a Student?

Professionals and Life Learners are welcome. We train from beginning to advanced. Keep in mind we’ve got trainers who have been actively involved in hypnosis and NLP for over 20 years. Our open-minded Master Trainers prefer a friendly attitude of non-competition in terms of our approach in training and communication.  You will get a good feeling learning in our intuitive hypnosis environment. There are many types of people and somewhere someone is looking for you, because of who you are in the world with your gifts and talents. We know that there are lots of schools that teach the standard courses and structures. Our center focuses on creative techniques and we update our program yearly. You can count on instructors who have been training and practicing for over 20 years.

Are we the best trainers and school?

It depends on how you want to learn and your learning needs.  Some instructors and schools call themselves the best, but by what standards?  Are they trying to convince you to come to a training which may be on old cookie-cutter program that thousands of instructors learn in a week to train? Masters in a domain or skill such as Hypnotherapy take a decade to really get the experience and knowledge. Even then some people may not be comfortable in training and sharing their expertise.  We can’t tell you that we are the best, but what we can promise is that you will get over twenty years of our learning in a cooperative learning environment. It’s not about ego or competition here – it is about sharing.  It is true that we are the longest running center for teaching Hypnotherapy and NLP in Portland, Oregon, but we take the time to meet with friendly colleagues who want to share ideas. It is true that we have maintained a small class learning environment with spaces and rooms where you actually get to sit and practice, and we have held large conventions. It is true that when you practice here that our instructors are peeking in on the side and available for you. It is true that we are a landmark in this domain, and our passion is your benefit. Are you going for the “cheap” training? Are you wanting more? If what you want is a “bargain basement” price, then remember you get what you pay for.  People who go to hypnosis trainers that promise to give big bargain scholarships and then give you a cookie-cutter course will send you out with the exact cookie-cutter ideas. In one such classroom, we were told that people sat tightly bundled in a room with lots of lecture, but not much space and time to practice. When students ask complex questions from the cookie-cutter instructor, they will refer you to go find a “script.” Remember that good quality training comes with experienced instructors who have been around for a while, and care enough to invest time and money to make your learning better. Take time to visit us and ask how we can offer you quality training. Want Gourmet Training? Apositiva is a creative and synergistic training center. Our center teaches methods that will help you rise above the rest!  Yes, you learn history, techniques, etc., and you also get unique skill training such as graphic facilitation, image work, EFT, creative visualization, script writing and so much more! Apositiva training believes in food, fun and frolic! Good Decision

NLP World Community Award

NLP World Community Award

You will be happy you came to Apositiva when you realize that you get support after you graduate. All you need to do is give us a call and we make the time for you. Rich Aanrich and Cat Wilson are Masters.  Rich has personally trained with many of the great originators of NLP and Masters of hypnotherapy. Cat Wilson won the NLP World Community award  in 2005 for contributions in education. She started learning hypnosis in the 1970’s and her NLP journey began in the 1980’s.  What is more is that we walk our talk. Just come visit and see for yourself.

2020 Hypnotherapy Training Dates: 

View the Events Calendar See our syllabus: Click here. Basic Foundational Skills of Hypnotherapy and NLP Description: 150+ Hours of Training. Your first class begins with everyone together Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at Apositiva Center. This beginning gives the basic, foundation and essential skills. The second weekend and on, you will be in class in a Webinar on the Wednesday prior to class and in class for experiential training on Saturdays and Sundays. Classes will include viewing online videos in homework assignments. Instructors work with students who are dedicated, offering additional support. Students may be offered self-paced online classes as they become available in the new future. Wednesday Webinar 7-8:30p Online Saturday & Sunday 9:30-5:00p Online during Covid 19) (In 2021, Classes may return to Apositiva Center

Where:  Apositiva Center, Portland, Oregon


Imagine. Create. Be loved. by Cat Wilson

Imagine. Create. Be loved. by Cat Wilson

Sampler: Basic Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Dates:    Call for Dates (See updates on Facebook, too) Times:     Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm & Sunday 1:00 am to 4:00 pm Tasty tuition: $35 per Entree

What is the difference between hypnosis and mindfulness?

ENTREES All entrees come with a healthy side of fun, food, and frolic! Come to enjoy the delicious atmosphere, enjoy the “Richness” and “Cat-play”, as well as  Coffee, Tea, Fruit, and Energybars (our special recipe) and Course Material provided.

Entree #1 – Hypnosis Sampler

Saturdays (9am – 12pm): 1) What is hypnosis?  2) 5 Steps in Hypnosis, 3) Use of Inductions, 4) Progressive Relaxation, and 5) Self Hypnosis

Entree #2 – Mindfulness

(Call for Dates) (1pm – 4pm): 1) What is mindfulness?, 2) Tao Mind breathing, 3) Color the world inside in your Room of Nothingness, 4) Body Movement. After this fabulous sampler, you may want to keep going to learn Hypnotherapy-ology and Mindfulness-ology and Creativity-ology. 2020: Basic Foundation and Mastery Skills of Hypnotherapy and NLP Dates: (see below) “Update” Times:     Wednesday Web  7-8:30p, Saturday & Sunday Class 9:30-5p CostumesNext Series of Mastery Skills Training Webinar and Experiential Classes Hypnotherapy, NLP, and More!

Once you get a taste of the fun, food and frolic people experience in learning you will want to keep growing. If you like a casual atmosphere, where people connect, learn, and grow you will enjoy how we present. Join us! Wednesdays after Week 1 are Webinars Saturday and Sundays are Experiential




SCHEDULE FOR 2020/2021 Week-end Classes held in Center are now in Live Webinars due to Covid 19.
ALL Classes are in Webinar format and recorded.

Wednesday Web  7-8:30p, Saturday & Sunday Class 9:30-5pm

  • Week 1 – Sept. 2, 5-6
  • Week 2 – Sept. 23, 26-27
  • Week 3 – Oct. 14, 17-18
  • Week 4 – Nov. 4, 7-8
  • Week 5 – Nov. 25, 28-29
  • Week 6 – Dec. 16, 19-20
  • Week 7 – Jan. 6, 9-10
  • Week 8 – Jan. 27, 30-31
  • Week 9 – Feb. 17, 20-21

CHt and NLP Practitioner Completion Your program will be complete with a Final Hypnosis Review and Practice Week-end and a separate Final Weekend for completing your NLP Practitioner with Strategies, Language-ing, and Testing. ONGOING STUDENTS Current students may repeat classes they missed or come and play for refresh. STUDENT RESOURCE PAGE All Apositiva students may access previous webinars on the Student Resource Page.


  • Wednesday Webinars 7-8:30p
    • Where: Wherever you have a strong internet connection
  • Saturday & Sunday Webinars  9:30 am – 5:00p



SCHEDULE FOR 2020 – Classes are being scheduled.

Are you a Hypnotherapist looking for “Refresher Classes”?

You are in luck! Apositiva is planning a series of Refresher classes in Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. If you attended Apositiva, Knightbridge, or any institution to learn hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and more you may attend this program.

Classes will be offered online and onsite at Apositiva’s campus in Portland, Oregon.

All interested may contact Cat Wilson at the phone and email to offer specific skills as we plan the Winter 2020 Schedule.


Pediatric Skills of Hypnotherapy

Time with Kids - Cat Wilson

Time with Kids – Cat Wilson

Dates:    NEXT: Fall 2020 Times:   Saturday & Sunday 9:00-4:00pm Pediatric Hypnotherapy Certification is for Practitioners who want to focus on children. This is a focused course which includes working with challenges specific to children of all ages. Learn how to work with ADHD, Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, Test-taking, Self-Esteem, pain control, needles, and  more. This workshop is presented by Cat Wilson and includes actual videos of us working with children as well as a lunch time video on medical offices and how they are using and presenting hypnotherapy with their clients.

Pediatric Coach Magic

Pediatric HypnosisDate: NEXT: Fall 2020 Time: Friday, 9am- 4pm Pediatric Coach Magic will be offered Friday. This is a “coaching” class which includes online video, book, materials, and hands on materials. Call for details on this workshop. Sign up for both Pediatric Hypnotherapy and Pediatric Coach Magic and receive a special discount and two certificates. CEU hours represent Coaching for Pediatric Coach Magic and Hypnosis for Pediatric Hypnotherapy. Click here to visit Pediatric Coach Magic website.

Hypnotherapy Training

Hypnosis opens the door for anyone to discover new ways for resolving inner conflicts, and to creatively handle obstacles they encounter in their lives. We share our knowledge and skills in hypnotherapy training and sessions to give you a full awareness of how it all works. By learning hypnosis you will discover how the unconscious mind is a source of wisdom, insight, creativity, and amazing inner resources. In this training you will develop a deeply satisfying relationship with your unconscious mind with self hypnosis techniques and you will learn powerful tools for tapping into an unlimited source of possibilities. Our Trainer Cat Wilson was the former NGH President in Portland for five years. If you have partaken in the NGH course, you will be delighted to discover how our advanced techniques and training enhances your beginning skills. Our focus is to give you the best possible hypnosis training!

You will learn many things in this training. Some include:

  • Resolving inner conflicts Becoming more focused
  • Changing unwanted habits to resourceful ones
  • Knowing how people enter hypnotic states
  • Using Hypnotic Language for guiding a client
  • Relaxation to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Enhancing creativity and increase artistic expression
  • Increasing problem solving abilities
  • Pain control techniques
  • Handling weight before it handles you.
  • Sleeping fully and restfully through the night
  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Communication techniques for enhancing relationships
  • Accessing and empowering peak performance states
  • Learning more effective ways of communicating with others
  • Other skills of NLP, EFT and Therapeutic Listening are included
  • and so much more

A highlight in taking our course is our focus on Creativity!  (ZING!) Students are involved in more creative processes involving art, music, and dance! In this course you will even learn synergistic script writing! Whether you are interested in this course for your personal development, or for becoming certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist or Consulting Hypnotist you will get that in this course. You will be acquiring greater depth and flexibility as a communicator, while developing proficiency as a hypnotherapist, and learning powerful skills and techniques for your life and your work. Skills that will last you a lifetime!

Definition of Hypnosis

Hypnosis: A heightened state of suggestibility, such that the suggestions given are accepted as being true and effect the beliefs, habits, perceptions and behaviors of an individual in varying degrees according to the depth of hypnosis established. “Deeper levels” of hypnosis enable the hypnotized individual to experience greater hypnotic phenomenon. Learn more about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Mastery in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Course

  • Hypnotherapy Certification Training (C.Ht) – 150+ hrs
  • Eight 3-day modules, about every third week (1 day is webinar)
  • One additional module for NLP Practitioners.

Basic Foundation Skills of Hypnotherapy and NLP: Your training begins with one full weekend of learning. The first weekend of class is held on campus at Apositiva Center. Mastery Skills of Hypnotherapy and NLP: Weeks two through eight include an online component.  Classes will be held in Webinar format on Wednesday, and at Apositiva Center on Saturday and Sunday. In other words, you attend online for one 90-minute session on a Wednesday and in person for Saturday and Sunday at Apositiva. Apositiva’s 150+ hour training meets and exceeds the training requirements for many organizations. We are affiliate trainers for the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and our program has been recognized for over 15 years by the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association (OHA), as well as meets the requirement of many other states. Our instructors offer you the knowledge of over 20 years in practice and teaching, as well as our continual hypnosis education ourselves. We encourage creative and ethical use in hypnosis. This training teaches and practices four methods of Hypnotherapy including:

  • Ericksonian (Indirect)
  • Elman (Rapid Induction)
  • Traditional (Authoritarian)
  • Transformational (Inner-active)

Training will include these useful modalities:

  • NLP
  • EFT
  • Timelines
  • MindMapping
  • Guided Imagery
  • Others

These extra modalities gives you additional knowledge that keeps you ahead of what others know by providing you with an even more well rounded training. This Certification Training combines the basic foundational skills of the Essential Skills Course (40 hours) with Advanced Skill Development (120 hours) for a total 160 Hours. Both Basic and Mastery (a total of eight weekends) classes are required to earn the certification as C.Ht. You learn through interactive lecture, dynamic learning processes, modeling, lots of practice and experience. BONUS: When you complete this course, you will have the practice to work with clients and leave with skills in script writing Guided Visualizations, for creating hypnosis sessions and CD’s. Yes! When you graduate you will have a professional product that you can call your own. Special Offer: Call for current specials

Advanced Trainings

The following classes are offered by request. Want the class? Call or email us and we will put it on the schedule. Class times vary from a couple hours to two days. These classes are offered throughout the year, announced via our newsletter. They are also scheduled-based on request. Cat Wilson, Rich Aanrich, and Geoffrey Knight will be offering classes synergistically, along with our highly skilled and Advanced Graduates with new and exciting twists! (I can’t wait!) NLP Primer:  A great 1-day class for people new to Neuro-linguistic Programming. Mindfulness: Come for a sampling of how mindfulness differs from hypnosis. This class is normally $145, but FREE till December 2020, you get 5 hours of experience. An Online Self-Paced Class in Mindfulness is Now Available. Click here. Self Care: Online Self-Paced Class – Raise Awareness in Self Care. Learn how to make a self-care kit!  Pediatric Coaching and Hypnotherapy – Includes Audiobook and was developed for parents, teachers, hypnotherapists, and counselors for coaching kids. Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression – Travel in time, backward or forward and discover what, who, why, how, and where you were and have been. Self Hypnosis – Did you know that mindful meditation and self hypnosis make you smarter? Come learn how. You can develop your own private experience. Transformational Learning – Peek your reading speed, observe more clearly, take it all in. This class helps you go from preparation to incubation to learning. Peaceful People Hypnosis – Are you in a relationship? Want a process to help you with understanding, healing, forgiving and loving? It’s sweet, it’s simple. Membership: For over two decades, Apositiva’s clinical hypnotherapy program has been recognized by Oregon Hypnotherapy Association (OHA) and National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) as an affiliate training center. This means that you will learn from experienced instructors who are also currently in practice. Graduating students may present their certificates for membership in these organizations and other national organization.

Our Policy for All Certification Courses: If for some reason you have missed the first class dates, and still want to join the class, contact us for flexible ideas on what might work. Instructors will try to work with you to catch up, and then you can come to the next series to catch up on what you missed. In fairness to you and us, this is an adult course and you are expected to be responsible for attendance and completing assigned work. Students are given dates and expected to attend all classes to receive certification. Certificates are provided to students upon completion of program and full payment for classes. Due to the structure and nature of the course, refunds are not given after course has begun.  If a student needs to drop out they may attend a future series without additional payment. Students may request time with an instructor to catch up or meet with fellow students. Since we update the course every year, later classes may offer different processes than the class a student signs up for originally. This is actually to the benefit of the student to keep them current. Thank you for honoring your learning and respecting the time of your instructors. Some classes have visiting instructors and as it is a special event for only that day. We strive to bring richness and creativity to our classes, and you are part of it! Apositiva Center / Apositiva Institute (503)525-0595