Inspired by a Ferret

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Photo of Ferret on tile by Cat Wilson

Photo of Ferret on tile by Cat Wilson

Have you ever been inspired by a person? How about inspired by a ferret? May I share some inspiration on courtesies I got from a ferret?

People frequently feel frustrated by anger, crime, war, and the lack of respect for individuals. I’ve felt saddened as I listened to clients talking about violent interruptions of life, and turned to my spirit nature for help. My answer was reading a book by Richard Bach called “Curious Lives.”

In this book, I wandered in Bach’s stories with ferrets, kindred spirits. Some of the characters included Shamrock, Avedoi Merek, Budgeron and Danielle, Bethany, Monty and Cheyenne, and Stormy and Strobe. Five books in this one compilation of the “Ferret Chronicles” kept me afloat in the air and on the sea for days.

I see normal people with normal challenges. Some bring in fearful thoughts after hearing the news or reading a newspaper. As I have been reading these stories, clients who came to visit, students in my classes, and the inspiration from these stories mixed … rising into the bubbles of thoughts shared … and I found the stories uplifting to me and to others. Creating a positive change in the thoughts of others enriches lives (our mission).

How did I choose these stories?  Years ago I read Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, as well as his other enlightened books, and fed on the inspirations to live to my highest and best. Good feelings. Needing inspiration again in my life, it was natural to pick up other books by this enlightened soul. Synergistically, I shared this with all who came in to see me.

Constitution of Courtesies

In Richard Bach’s story on Shamrock, there is a constitution created by Avedoi Merek, a philosopher ferret. These guidelines lifted my spirit and brought out the wish that people would consider them, too. Here are the ones on page 43 of Curious Lives.

  • Whatever harm I would do to another, I shall do first to myself.
  • As I respect and am kind to myself, so shall I respect and be kind to peers, to elders, to kits.
  • I claim for others the freedom to live as they wish, to think and believe as they will.
    I claim that freedom for myself.
  • I shall make each choice and live each day to my highest sense of right.

Many of my good friends live these words. Would you be willing to consider these “courtesies” and live by them?  If you want to learn more you can enter the world of the ferrets in the stories, too.

Inspired by a Ferret!

Sketch by Cat Wilson on 10/8/15

Sketch by Cat Wilson on 10/8/15

No matter where, who, or what you believe you are, you are so much more.

Step up and start today by doing something you love.

Live by your highest right.

Be in the spark of your joy and make this life the best one for you.

Then … go share your enthusiasm and inspire another.

Be inspired by a ferret.


When we feel blue, we can lighten the blue by stories. Perhaps you will find flight and be inspired by a ferret.

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