Apositiva Institute works together with colleagues and business partners to create excellent and fun experiences. When you attend our workshops you may meet some of them. Here they are!

Marci Nemhauser, Psy.D., C.L.C.

Marci Nemhauser created Professional Growth Services after over 20 years as a clinical psychologist because she was ready to change the way in which she helps others.  Marci is now retired from her work in Oregon. She was co-trainer in Growing Coach Certification for a few years and is still mentioned in our training program for coaches, as Cat and Marci worked together for years to train people to experience themselves as coaches.  We want to acknowledge that although she may not be in class physically, she has been a part of our coaching classes and development.  Although she is now retired, you may hear her voice in some recordings in Executive Coaching and Growing Coach Training.

Allen Mathews

Allen Mathews is a classical guitarist living in Portland, Oregon. In addition to teaching classical guitar at Reed College, Allen also teaches guitar at Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, and headed the classical guitar department at Lewis and Clark College for three years. He also maintains a private teaching studio in Portland. Specializing in South American guitar music, Allen lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a prolonged period, where he performed and studied with many celebrated teachers, including Fabio Nin and Maria Lucia. While earning a BA in classical guitar performance in Colorado, he also extensively studied ethnic and orchestral percussion. In addition to lessons with great artists such as Sergio Assad, David Russell, William Kanengiser and others, Allen furthered his studies with classical guitarist Scott Kritzer for three years, and has undergone a year of musical coaching with concert pianist Mark Westcott. For the past four years he has had instruction in the Alexander Technique, focusing on the use of the self in musical performance. Allen has performed in 6 countries, and across the United States. Recently he was hosted as guest of the Central Oregon Symphony, performing on their chamber series. His current collaborations include a guitar and flute duo, and a guitar and percussion duo, which released its first album in the fall of 2010. We have a few of Allen’s CD’s available for purchase.

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Rebecca Hufford

Becca is as silly as they come, but then that’s just life. She was a high school teacher (which says a lot about humor) and holds Masters Degrees in Teaching and Health Administration. In addition, Becca is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Board Certified Coach, and presents seminars with Cat at locatal colleges. She’s a nut, but she’s a good nut! You can meet her by coming to our coaching and NLP programs.


Loyal Professional Friends Through the Years

Professionals Who Have Helped Us Serve You Better

All Women Are Created Equal

We Appreciate You ALL!

Thank you! We would not be here except for the many helping hands that have supported us over the years. The number of individuals is too numerous to list here, but you may read about them in our blogs.  We appreciate all businesses and individuals that helped, and that we have been the happy recipient of wisdom, services, and growth in areas that they excel. Anyone we do business with becomes a colleague, a friend, and gets our loyalty. Double Thank you!!!


And Finally, Our Cat

Dancer WatchingSpecialists in entertaining and mesmerizing the humans. Known for inspiration, crafty play, and exercise motivation, as well as asking questions with their eyes, such as, “How did you not do that?” (when we run out of catnip or kitty treats).

Our sweet midnight black kitty has gone on to the place in the clouds, but you may see her photos in our coursework and website. She will always be remembered as the “Great Listener.”
Alexa Cat 2013