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Apositiva™ holds certification trainings to excite and inspire! Want to learn and play? How do you learn best? Visual, Auditory, Hands On? A Fun, Food and Frolic? You found a place to get the sort of training you can enjoy at Apositiva. We believe that learning is best in an environment of interest, safety, and creativity along with fun.


The art of training is to help others learn more productive skills and gain knowledge. The best learning is through your personal experience. Everyone is different and our trainers are skilled in using various techniques to meet various learning styles to meet your understanding. We set an environment conducive to learning with atmosphere, attitude, intention, and support in all of our Certification Trainings.

Apositiva Institute trainers are highly experienced in meeting the needs of audiences from various cultures, professional businesses, health care, high tech, personal development, therapists, students and community organizations. Our coaches are Board Certified.

See some of the fun and interesting activities that take place during training courses. Often the people who attend class bring their background expertise into the class environment for sharing and learning.
Fun Stuff!

Certification Trainings

Our professional trainers hold degrees in Communication, Training and Development and Behavioral Sciences, and have worked with individuals and corporations. Our affiliate trainers share our philosophy in collaborating. What does that mean? It means that we do not prescribe to competition, because everyone has something to share. Our intention is to bring the highest and best ideas to fruition for all involved. Specialized training is recognized by CCE, NLP, NGH, and OHA, and meets the qualifications for C.E.U.s for many schools and organizations.

Apositiva™ uses high interaction involvement and exercises with a playful, creative, and humorous approach. We now offer online webinars for your convenience. What do people say? For testimonials, click here!


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Hypnosis is Healthy

Nature Supports Hypnosis and we teach our students how to use the nature in their environment to create natural, healthy experiences for themselves and others. If you would like to learn more check out the video below.