Pediatric Coaching and Hypnotherapy

Pediatric Skills of Hypnotherapy

Time with Kids - Cat Wilson

Time with Kids – Cat Wilson

Dates:  Hold Tight!  New Date Coming Soon
Times: Saturday & Sunday 9:30-4:00pm
Tuition: $345

Pediatric Hypnotherapy Certification is for practitioners who want to focus on children. This is a focused course which includes working with challenges specific to children of all ages. Learn how to work with ADHD, Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, Test-taking, Self-Esteem, pain control, needles, and more. This workshop is presented by Cat Wilson and Rebecca Hufford, and includes actual videos of us working with children as well as a lunch time video on medical offices and how they are using and presenting hypnotherapy with their clients.





Pediatric Coach Magic

Pediatric HypnosisDate:  New Date Coming Soon
Time:  9:30 am- 4pm
Tuition: $145

Pediatric Coach Magic will be offered on a Friday. This is a coaching class which includes online video, book, materials, and hands on materials. Call for details on this workshop. Sign up for both Pediatric Hypnotherapy and Pediatric Coach Magic and receive a special discount and two certificates. These programs represent Continuing Education Unit hours: Coaching for Pediatric Coach Magic and Hypnosis for Pediatric Hypnotherapy. Click here to visit Pediatric Coach Magic website.