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Coaching You Toward Success

Coaching can help you with creating a more successful outcome in life, business, relationships, health and spirit.


Coaching is an alliance with a guide. An individual is coached toward having rapid or effective results for a particular goal or life change. At Apositiva you will obtain positive results that are more profitable, sustainable and satisfying.

As coaches we are trained to help clients bring into clearer focus the things that are most important. We help clients to get clear on their goals and the blocks or mindsets they have. We focus on expanding the possibilities, resources, and performances in reaching any important goals.

Catherine (Cat) Wilson, BA, M.NLP, ACMC, C.HI. BCC

Cat Wilson, Coach Trainer

Cat Wilson, Coach Trainer

As your coach, I will hold the faith in your possibilities and keep a strong focus on getting clear on your priorities and to continue moving toward what you really want. I work with people in transition, executives, and those wanting more creativity and imagination. I am open to all belief systems. You and I will plan with insights leading to the best actions that fulfill your desired outcomes!

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Richard (Rich) Aanrich, BA, M.NLP, ACMC, C.HI. BCC

Rich Aanrich, Coach

Rich Aanrich, Coach

As your coach I will work with people who want Self Actualization. You may be an individual involved in business, life or transition.  I hold the ground still while you shake, and give you a hand up so you can get back on the road to where you are going.

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Cynthia (Cyn) Wilson, BS. Management, C.Ht, P.NLP

Cyn Wilson, Coach

Cyn Wilson, Coach

As your coach, I listen and wait and when you are ready we move forward to questions that help direct you to the answers you are looking for in life.  I am particularly interested in working with students and women. I am oriented to a more Christian approach.

Want more life? Cyn serves a Christian population. Want to know more about Cyn? Cyn’s Coaching website.




What will Happen?

Your coaching relationship starts after a free initial consultation.

When we decide to work together, it is for a minimum of a four month Coaching Alliance. In each session we will focus on the progress and what needs to happen next for you. We will focus on what has transpired between sessions, and the results of any assignments. Goals will be set that are directed toward progressing into the outcomes that you decide are important. Any breakdowns or influences will be viewed with the thought of discovering what can be learned and what can be done differently or better. What are those underlying thoughts, beliefs, or patterns of behavior that can be changed into a more productive result?

The Apositiva Coach will be a guide, a mentor, a consultant, a sponsor, a counselor, sometimes a cheerleader, and always a committed partner.

The job of the Coach is in helping you to achieve your goals for personal growth, business success, relationships, spirituality, motivation, or whatever is truly important in your life.

The Journey

The coaching path is designed to continue empowering you toward your own important goals.

A coach will assist you with your action steps to obtain your desired outcome. Success will be found in being open to reexamining parts of your life patterns, redefine what success is to you and how you will know when you have it. You will be setting new goals, changing old unresourceful habits and beliefs (the conscious ones and the unconscious or hidden beliefs).

Each successful action will be taking you one step closer to your goals. As a result of these successes, you will continue increasing your self-esteem and confidence.

Flexibility is what separates many people from their desires. You will always have the ability to express yourself in a safe environment. As things come up, new directions can be evaluated.

As your coach we will ask you to do things that are different than you thought you could do. You are the key player in a Partnership Alliance that will be steadily focusing on your progress in becoming everything you have always wanted.

Apositiva Coaching is about YOU.

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