Awakening Body-Mind Healing CD

This is a guided visualization used for healing. Music by David Gibson is using a special science where the sounds work with the body to promote healing. Are you struggling with a physical, mental, or spiritual pain, and have you consulted with physicians and done all you could? Here is an alternative process that will take you to a higher state of healing. Harmonic Healing has been used with clients at Apositiva for challenges with back pain, grieving, tumors, skin disorders, emotional upset in relationships, and spiritual confusion with wonderful results. The additional Harmonic Healing book by Cat Wilson is a companion to exploring your healing journey.

Harmonic Healing CD

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Harmonic Healing CD + Book

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Sleep Sleep Sleep CD
For Sleep – Rest – Tranquility

This album is unique. It combines a very special process for refocusing the mind on the present, and not on your day’s activities or worries. “Sleep Sleep Sleep” also uses carefully prepared words and phrases that direct the mind and body to move into a state of sleep. This guided visualization will allow you to learn how to sleep again. Two of the tracks contains special conversations with tips and ideas for Thoughts on Sleep and Dealing with Worry. This special guided visualization “Sleep Sleep Sleep” will effectively guide you into a deep state of sleep. Other times should you awaken and need to put yourself back to sleep you will know just how to do it! Imagine how good it will feel as you find yourself getting the full night’s sleep you need!

“Now I lay me down to sleep…and I Did!!!”

“Rich, I slept last night also. In the sweetest sleep I have ever known. REALLY, I have released my mind and allowing the process to do its work completely.”
Thank You,

This CD is not to be used while driving.

$19.95 + S/H

Sleep Sleep Sleep CD



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