This year’s holiday season is a special kind of stressful. Covid stress lingers on, but traveling and gatherings are back on the table, adding extra layers to the holiday stress cake.

When my partner Rich witnessed me at peak anxiety while repacking for a recent trip after realizing I didn’t have everything I needed, he reminded me of a mindfulness practice. That is to be here now, without the mind, memory, past association, fantasizing, or catastrophizing. Just be present, that’s all.

Isn’t it funny, how we want to clench onto something like a “stress ball”, when what we really need is to let go? We all hold stress in different places. Check your hands, jaw, shoulders, and abdominal muscles. How are they feeling? Can you relax them?

For half the price of one high end stress ball, you can get access to an entire course full of proven practices to help you relax and become present. Mindfulness That Works and More is also certified for 5 continuing education credits, if you require them for your career.

Perhaps most importantly, learning to let go of fear, anxiety, and worry is a powerful step on your journey of profound positive change. It’s truly amazing what can happen when we ground ourselves and enjoy the blessings that are present in every moment.

Until December 31st, you can access the course for a special “Holiday Layer Cake of Stress” price, just $5, using this link.

If you already have access to the course, I encourage you to jump back in to finish it or review. As always, we are here for you and we welcome your calls and messages. You can reach us at 503.525.0595.

Cat Wilson