Definitions of Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis? Is Hypnosis the same as Meditation? What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are defined many ways. At Apositiva Institute, we define Hypnosis as, ‘Hypnosis is using your imagination to make positive changes in becoming you as you intended.’



Here are some more meaningful definitions used in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

“Hypnosis is a state of intensified attention and receptivity to an idea or a set of ideas.” Milton Erickson

“Hypnosis is a particular altered state of selective hyper-suggestibility brought about in an individual by the use of a combination of relaxation, fixation of attention, and suggestion.” Masud Ansari

Hypnotherapy is defined as relaxation and guided imagery for stress management. (DSM)

The use of hypnosis for pain control, stress management, and more rapid healing has been accepted by the American Medical Association since 1958. Although everyday use of hypnosis has not quite reached mainstream availability here yet, in Europe hypnosis has been used to assist in operations and healing for several decades. The British Medical Association endorsed hypnosis in 1892 and approved the use for childbirth, pain, etc. in 1955.

The Definition of Hypnosis given by the US Government covers two parts:

  • Bypassing the critical factor,
  • The establishing of acceptable selective thinking.

“Bypassing the critical factor” is about getting beyond limiting beliefs. Hypnosis can be used effectively on medical, dental and personal issues. However, if you have the limiting belief that the mind cannot create a powerful change, you will limit your ability to do so.

In hypnosis, this limiting belief can be bypassed. “The establishing of acceptable selective thinking,” the second part of the definition, refers to using hypnosis to guide someone into a receptive state of mind by using a hypnotic induction. Opening the mind to selective thinking creates the mental environment or state of mind that enables you to change limiting beliefs (the ones you acquired during your lifetime), so that you can empower yourself with new and more useful ones.

The hypnotic state is a receptive place, where you are easily able to make useful changes in your life.

You can change limiting beliefs that may have been preventing you from moving forward. Hypnosis is the tool that helps you to reach more receptive levels of your unconscious mind, where you can eliminate unresourceful beliefs and create more useful ones. Taking on new beliefs that will enhance your life now!

Most people can be hypnotized in fact you probably already are, and did not know it.

You have gone into these “altered states” literally thousands of times. You do it yourself when you are daydreaming. You enter an altered state when you drive down the road thinking about something… and you do not quite remember the trip, but you are here (self-hypnosis). You have been hypnotized when you enjoyed a television program (being hypnotized by the media), and you have followed hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestions when you preferred some brand name that you saw repeatedly on television (hypnotic compounding of suggestion). You have in fact been culturally conditioned your entire life and now you can choose to use it working for you by your own choice, for your own good!!!


Can I Be Hypnotized?


Most people can be hypnotized in fact you probably already are and did not know it.

You have gone into these “altered states” literally thousands of times. In fact, it is almost impossible to think of how any intelligent person who was raised in society hadn’t been influenced or indoctrinated (hypnotized). This is called a Consensus trance and is part of how we follow and are influenced by other people in our lives. It is completely natural. We have all had it happening since birth. However, we did not think of it as another version of hypnosis. So, yes, the good news (or disturbing news, however you want to look at it) is that you can indeed be hypnotized… only this time you will be doing it for your own choices and making your own changes!!!

This time rather than an unconscious consensus, it will be your choice.

Apositiva utilizes Hypnotherapy in these and many other areas for making a positive change:

Stress Reduction
Overcoming Fears
Being Healthy
Stage Fright
Fear of Flying
Inner Peace
Wealth Accumulation
Sabotaging Behaviors
Health Issues
Study Skills
Weight Loss
Sleep Problems
Hair Pulling
Moving On
Goal Setting
Positive Outlook
Writers Block
Spiritual Growth
Sports Performance
Loving Oneself
Wounded Past
Pain Management

Weight Loss

Dropping Weight Is a Matter of Mind Over Body

Sometime in your life you are likely to feel uncomfortable about your body. Dropping weight can be depressing for some people. Too heavy. Too tired to exercise. Too hard. Too depressed. Too something. The smell of hot cinnamon rolls makes your mouth water and the temptation is just too much. But… you do not like yourself when you give in. What do you do?

Whether you are on a special diet for Diabetes, heart issues, battling bulges, or trying to get to health and happiness, we can help you find your mind and establish confidence. Quit yearning to be FREE. Contact us today.

Apositiva can work with you in private sessions. You can even choose whether to work with a man or a woman to help you on your journey.

We can also create for you customized visualization tapes or CDs even if you are outside of Oregon. Come and make “a positive change” for yourself today.


Making Healthier Choices Can Make You Younger

If part of you is ready, then bring the other part in and we will guide them to work together. It is time for you to enjoy your life!

In your everyday challenge, you may find it helpful to explore “Healthy Eating.” When you reduce your weight, you can actually reduce your aging process. Here are two sources of information that may enlighten you even further.


Helpful Links

Meals Matter: Eating for Heath www.mealsmatter.org

Tips for Slowing the Aging Process: www.realage.com




Dear Cat :0)
I just thought I’d take this opportunity to thank you for my life!

It’s just about a year ago that I met with you twice to stop smoking. I had
serious doubts I’d succeed after having smoked for almost 30 years and
dozens upon dozens of attempts. Your loving help seems to have made all the difference. I haven’t smoked for a year now!

Thank you for my life!
– Claudia :0)

Last Week-end Advanced Hypnotherapy – Class 2002

I came away from this class with more confidence in my ability in my current profession, and confidence in the new skills I learned.
I blew past a lot of the fears that were holding me back in my personal life, and my professional life.
I also wanted to meet some people who I could enjoy working with and around professionally, and I am very happy with the people I have met.

Basic Hypnotherapy Class

Thank you for helping me to uncover the hidden potential within me.
I feel much more confident in my career choice and in my abilities in general.
It is a comforting feeling knowing I am in contact with wise people with a wide variety of knowledge.
I’m thankful to be part of a great resourceful family of like minds.


What has helped me is to b e in an environment with like minded people.
You have brought to me the technical knowledge I needed to put to my experiences.
So, I may be able to teach others. Thank you for the POWER!

Do you want a positive change? In what area of your life? For information, to set an appointment in person, or on the phone, contact us: Apositiva Center / Apositiva Institute (503) 525-0595