Webinars & Telecourses


Webinars & Telecourses – Apositiva offers a series of creative webinars, some free and some with fees, for the joy of living.

Created for You, this new offering adds the ease of online webinars in addition to the popular experiential classes held in Apositiva’s cozy training facility in Portland, Oregon.

Offerings include: Mindfulness, Self Care, Inspired by Spirit, Honoring Transitions, Woman’s Playground, and More. This is just the beginning!

We also offer online videos for students to review classes. Students come together in live webinars and get a Masterful trainer’s lecture, tips and tricks, and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Watch for Our New Online Classes Coming this Winter 2019

Want more possibilities? Ready to live a better life? Why not begin now?

Join me in this course on Mindfulness today.

Mindfulness will still the mind and awaken peace, creativity, and harmony. As soon as you start, you may find yourself savoring spending time with the videos and audios created by Cat Wilson and mindful producers. Total time in course is five (5) hours. Take it one bite at a time.

What does it involve?

  • Pay and Register  
  • Open your profile and start the course.
  • No pre-requisites
  • You’ll be doing the lessons along with people around the world, so you may see comments in the course showing other people’s responses.
  • Want CEU’s? Request at time of enrollment and we will provide a CEU Certificate for Five (5) hours.

Dates & Time: Open at Your Leisure


You’ve just discovered an easy way to learn in your own time!
Mindfulness and More! is an online class created for people just like you.

Mindfulness is a powerful process to give focus, clarity, and serenity.
This self-paced class presents step-by-step lessons for mindfulness and more tools to stop a spinning mind. Cat Wilson has been teaching Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy for over 20 years.

In 2018 her clients asked her if she could create a class so they could practice in their own time. She listened to their need and tested it with clients and with her doctor’s staff in Oregon. Cat took their requests and suggestions and created Mindfulness and More.

Main Objective:

This online class is meant to be a relaxing experience, where you get to learn how to be good to yourself. Set aside time starting out for the lessons with a cup of herbal tea and a glass of water.

This is a beautiful process that will bring you to attend to your body by simply being still for a short time. In all your hours in a day, 15-20 minutes in quiet relaxation will focus, restore, and energize your mind and body.

You will like this platform because it’s simple. Let yourself enjoy the simplicity. This course offers activities where you may get the experience of:

  • moving into one of your many minds with a wider perspective;
  • an answer outside of you and stored in unconscious mind;
  • release of the spinning busy monkey brain;
  • giving up strain in a muscle tensing for thought so body and mind can be at ease;
  • stepping out of the noise and into silence;
  • gaining control of your mind;
  • finding strength in discipline and focus;
  • discovering a handle on time as if you mentally can slow it down and adjust;
  • expansion of your essence and energy;

Self Care for Women


PlayShop – Self Care Day: Saturday, April 6, 2019

  • Feeling Under the Weather?
  • Need an Emergency Kit to tackle tough days?
  • Want to Beat Holiday Stress?

What You Can Expect

Journaling, Playful Exercises, and Sharing. Walk out with your own special self-care emergency kit. A cozy gathering in a small group of woman. $75.00 includes materials and light refreshments. Join now to save your spot.

Self Care Day – April 6, 2019 , 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

A weekly women’s group online for a “time out” to recharge. Join Cat Wilson for a safe environment to express successes, explore solutions, and exchange ideas on self care. Exercises, visualizations, and more. Cat has been holding circles for women and men in conversation at Apositiva for years. She brings a level of understanding and compassion for people who yearn to be heard.
Come to be a part of this online group for women. We meet for anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes.
Join Cat for this Self Care Day at Apositiva in Portland, Oregon.
The focus for this series is Let’s Start the Conversation. What is Living a Fulfilling Life? Let’s Design One. Various topics discussed each time.
Be heard and share. When we grow together we create synergy. In synergy we are more than we are alone.
Bring your playful self, any challenges, and discover a community who “gets” you. Cat is moderator on this playground for women. Bring your own snack and meet us online. This is a group to share ideas for “Renewing.”

The Secret in How to Be Fascinating

Curious about the fascinating art of NLP?
Cat Wilson will present a FREE online class on The Secret in How to Be Fascinating using the empowering art of NLP.
This free 1-hour presentation is by request.

Open and Discover the Secret You

This is about you and how to become your highest and best possible you, using NLP. The objectives of this online conversation are:

Learn and define what NLP is and does
Practice a simple process which ENHANCES your life
To give “You” an opportunity to learn more about YOU.


Having the Courage to Prosper

New! Online Workshop Plus 2 Coaching Calls

Learn the underlying “Limiting Beliefs” that are hindering you from moving forward…and find out how to change them!

This course has been held in workshops at Apositiva for several years. We are now taking it online for the benefit of those of us who would like to learn from a distance. You receive two 3-hour workshops and two (2) coaching calls after the workshop to keep you on your path!

Click here to pay for Courage to Prosper $345 for online workshop and two (2) Coaching Calls.
Some Reasons You Will Benefit from this Training

Learn the underlying “Limiting Beliefs” that are hindering you from moving forward…and find out how to change them!

Discover a sense of Calm and Focus that will help you to develop greater balance and prosperity in your life!

Develop an “Attraction Attitude” and a new appreciation on how to attract the Prosperity and Money you deserve!


Inspired by Spirit


Over the years Cat Wilson felt inspired in sessions with people, and shared what she felt was a spiritual connection.

She started writing the book years ago… and is now ready to share it with alternative healers.

Cat’s program was created from powerful, inspired sessions and developed in 2010 to meet the needs of her clients.

In 2016, Cat felt it was time to bring her Inspired by Spirit sessions out and teach them for the use of alternative healing. This class is in online webinar format and will be announced.

Learn what Inspired by Spirit is and how you can use it as a people helper.

The eight week program will be offered in FEBRUARY 2019. If you would like to learn more give Cat a call and sign up. This was the “maiden voyage,” so you’ll get so much attention! Contact us for details.

  • Weekly webinar for an hour a week (8 weeks)
  • Post class recordings for Re-play
  • Scripts
  • Coaching via phone or online (Zoom)

Date: To come
Thursdays: 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time


Vision to Dream to Coaching 2020

  • Fun and creative processes
  • Tuning in to your highest ambitions, aspirations and desires
  • How to bring dreams to the surface
  • Creating action on all levels
  • Workbook included
  • Teleconference Workshop
Want to get more out of life and your dreams? Sign up for this Webinar. We lead this class in a fun and growing way.

Honoring Transitions


HONORING TRANSITIONS: When your child moves away, your partner leaves, your daughter has a baby, you begin menopause, your job changes, or you are in major transition it’s a shift. Your relationship with yourself and others goes through a soul level shift. This brief webinar offers a way to honor personal transition. Join Cat in a Candle Chat Webinar with three Women Heroines of Transition. Free. Limited to 100 participants.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Webinars for special classes and events are being created and planned.

Do you want a positive change? In what area of your life? For information, to set an appointment in person, or on the phone, contact us: Apositiva Center / Apositiva Institute (503) 525-0595