About Us At Apositiva and Our Philosophy

At Apositiva we can help you with creating a more successful outcome in life, business, relationships, health and spirit.

Apositiva™ Institute, also known as The Apositiva Center.
At Apositiva our mission is to help people and companies in ways that define and support a positive change. Apositiva is focused on helping people to gain clarity about what they want, and then move toward realizing their positive worthwhile goals. We support honored clients, train practitioners, and partner with individuals and companies who seek to shift to a higher level in their work and life.

What is your mission? Who are you seeking to become? Stuck in old patterns? Allow us to help you reach the best possible scenario, that which is your perfect right thing. We believe in the potential of human endeavors and it is our hope that we can help you in your aims to be all you dream to be. Reach joy, peace and happiness now. As Joseph Campbell said about the Hero’s Journey, “for the experience of being alive.”

What changes would serve you now?


More About Our Coaches

Catherine (Cat) Wilson, Coach Trainer

Catherine (Cat) Wilson, Coach Trainer


You Can Contact Cat Directly: cat.wilson@apositiva.com
Richard (Rich) Aanrich, Coach

Richard (Rich) Aanrich, Coach


You Can Contact Rich Directly: rich.aanrich@apositiva.com
Apositiva™ Center is focused on helping people to gain clarity about what they want, and then move toward realizing their positive worthwhile goals. What is important for you? Using Individualized Coaching, Personal Sessions, and Dynamic Training Courses, our goal is to provide people with more tools and more choices so they can:

  • Heal, learn or move on from their past
  • Choose and have a more fulfilling future
  • Live a more enjoyable and satisfying present.

We are dedicated in our training sessions to take people to a higher level through a fun and interactive approach designed to meet the different learning styles. Cat has a unique style of mindmapping and visual recording while training a class that makes it fun!

Rich and Cat are Board Certified Coaches with over 40 years of Combined Experience in Counseling, Coaching and Training to assist both Clients and Students in reaching their goals. This experience includes degrees in Human Studies, Business Communications, Training and Development. They also have years of individualized studies and numerous certifications in Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, TIR, and are certified as Hypnotherapy and NLP Instructors.

Cynthia (Cyn) Wilson, Coach

Cynthia (Cyn) Wilson, Coach

BS. Management, C.Ht, P.NLP

Reach out for feline coaching.

Apositiva Center’s assistant is also a Life Coach. She graduated from Marylhurst University in June 2013 with her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. Cynthia loves cats and has volunteered  at CAT Adoption Team and  Feral Cat Coalition .

Apositiva’s friendly office atmosphere and helpful partners make this a wonderful place to stretch out and move into becoming you in a safe and open space. You may frequently meet other professionals in our field in our classes as well. We work together with the community and professionals to enhance life, using synergy.

In addition, in the Business Profile below, you will see a rich and diversified background in business and community that gives them added flexibility in understanding and working with their clients!


Profile on Richard Aanrich and Catherine Wilson

Rich and Cat bring a rich blend of experience, learning, and creativity to every aspect of Apositiva™ Institute (formerly A Positive Change). They have a combined business and professional training experience of over 40 years. Cat is particularly good in working with youth and helping people who want to establish comfortable lives. Rich sees people who expect a straight forward approach with no nonsense. (Although he has a sense of humor.)

Combined Business Experience

  • Business Principal, Financial Director, Marketing Director, Sales Manager, Sales, Customer Services, Sales Professional
  • Certification Training and Ongoing Studies in Business, Personal Development, Human Relations, Psychology, Coaching, Team Building, Creativity, Health, Longevity, and Living Extraordinary Lives
  • Coaching individuals and businesses to higher levels of accomplishment
  • Communication design and video production
  • Consummate learners with academic degrees focusing on Human Behavioral Studies, Psychology, Business, Leadership, Communications Training and Development
  • Financial Consultant, General Manager, and Notary Public
    Intercultural Communication
  • Owning and running successful businesses with revenues of several million dollars.
  • Professional training, personal counseling, business, and life coaching
  • Public Speaking, Toastmasters, Oregon Speakers Association
  • Sales and promotional experience for large corporations to small companies, and individual entrepreneurial ventures
  • Securities, Real Estate, Financial Principal, Real Estate and Securities Brokerage

Business Associations / Creative Endeavors

  • A Positive Change – Personal Counseling, Professional Training, Certified Coaching, NLP
  • Apollo Computer – Branch Administrator
  • Attorneys Hannigan, Jones, and Congressman Deuster (Illinois), Legal Aide
  • Bell Northern Research / Northern Telecom Inc. – Product Integrity, Accounting, Business Communications Development
  • Cabrillo Community College – Business Workshop Instructor
  • Columbia Community Mental Health – Executive Coach
  • Dale Carnegie Courses – Sales Manager and Business Promotions Director
  • Dallas / Fort Worth Business Exchange – Founder and President, a business networking group
  • Dallas / Fort Worth Real Estate – Broker, Financial Principal, and Sales Trainer
  • Dallas Mastermind Alliance – Founder of a business-masterminding group
  • DHI, Inc. – Financial Principal and General Manager
  • Educational Training and Research (ETR) – Nonprofit administration
  • Eschelon Telecom – Customer Support Engineer
  • Electro Scientific Industries – Sales Specialist, Customer Services, Contracts
  • ExecuTrain Computer Training – Account Management
  • Gallery of Homes, Inc. – National Staff Trainer, Sales, Contracts, Recruiting, Office Management
  • Green River Community College – Business Instructor
  • IBM – Computer Design, specializing in component testing
  • Intel Corp. – Instructional Designer / Developer / Training Specialist / Coaching
  • Ken Keyes College – Director of National Seminar Promotions
  • MGA Securities – Vice President Investment Portfolios
  • North Carolina Youth Violence Prevention Center – Art Facilitator/Artist
  • Portland Community College – Cultural Business Instructor
  • President of Dallas Financial Forum – a financial professionals association
  • President, TV Toastmasters – an organization to promote learning in speaking, leadership, and listening skills
  • Synergyone™ – Business Communication Workshops for Human Empowerment, Training, Instructional Design
  • Trans Print Design – Principal and Creative Director
  • Storage Technology Corporation – Systems Design and Quality Control
  • United Capital Group – Vice President Finance and Securities Promotion


  • Honored Fellows of Oregon Hypnotherapy Association
  • NLP World Community Award for Excellence in Education 2005
  • Bronze Award, “1992 Graphic Design: USA International Packaging Contest,” New York.
  • Knight Scholarship Award for Academic and Community Activity
  • Million Dollar Roundtable – Real Estate
  • Million Dollar Roundtable – Security Investments
  • President’s Cup, Dale Carnegie Courses – Most Enrollments in USA
  • President Citation Dallas/Fort Worth Financial Forum (1994)
  • Winner, Toastmaster Area 65, International Speech Contest (1994)
  • Winner, Impromptu Speech Contest (1970)

Community Contribution

  • Block Captain, Neighborhood Watch
  • Chairman, Fund Raising Drive, Boy Scouts of America
  • Co-membership Chairman, Big Brothers of America
  • Leader, Girl Scouts of America
  • President, Toastmasters
  • President, National Guild of Hypnotists (2007 – 2012)
  • Producer, TVCA
  • Volunteer, Condell Memorial Hospital
  • Volunteer, NAVCOMSTAPHIL Republic of Philippines – Family Culture Shock
  • Youth Leadership Instructor, Public Elementary Schools
  • Art Literature Teacher, Beaverton/Portland Elementary Schools (2013-15)
  • Volunteer, Veteran Stress Project (2013-15)
  • Special Recognition, ICF. Cat received a special recognition for her contribution to the Coaching Profession by the International Coach Federation (2017)
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