On an autumn walk, one can find many things that are special to the season. Deciduous trees drop their leaves, of course, but the maples also drop their helicopter seed pods, the “apples” (galls) formed by nesting wasps fall from oaks, and mushrooms pop up to meet them from the soil below. We change too, adding layers of clothing and preparing internally for the colder, darker months ahead. We celebrate the abundance of harvest time by gathering with friends and family to share food and love.

Autumn leaves, oak galls (bottom), flowers, branches and moss

Reflecting on the year behind us, we are feeling grateful here at Apositiva for everyone who’s adapted to the requirements of changing times by shifting to online sessions and courses. While many of us were already comfortable using solutions like Zoom, there are also many for whom this required lots of learning and stretching outside of their comfort zone. We cannot do our work of facilitating positive change in the world without you, so thank you so much.

The world keeps on changing. If you haven’t heard, we are now able to hold in person sessions for individuals at our office in Portland, with proper precautions of course. We’ll continue to keep online sessions as our primary focus, but we’d be happy to have you stop by if you’re in the area. There’s a certain something special about the space we’ve been blessed to occupy, tucked away as a place to pause and refresh within the busyness and stress of the city around. It turns out that some things remain relatively constant for a while, too.

November will be a month for Cat to focus on family and traveling to see those who matter most. Isolation has been an unavoidable fact of life recently, and we must certainly continue to be mindful of where we go and who we see. That said, there are ways to stay safe while connecting with those we love. Our time on Earth is limited and our opportunities to spend time with the elders in our lives are especially limited too. Fear has its place in the midst of immediate danger, but unchecked, it can become another kind of destructive virus. By breathing deeply and looking inward, we can find a peaceful state from which to proceed with mindfulness and confidence.

We are always here for you, even if that just means a quick call to check in and say hi. We’d love to know what the winds of change are blowing your way and how we can support you in making a positive change.

With warmth and gratitude,
Your friends at Apositiva