The other day I went to my bookshelf and pulled a book. Hanging out a little it appeared to be calling for attention. The book turned out to be an old journal.

In the journal I recorded feelings, ideas, life experiences sad and happy, love, ambitions. Spelling was terrible and I even made up new words (but then … why not?).

Traveling back in time I revisited an old hurt. At the time I didn’t understand. I do now.

Lists of what I wanted in my life included falling in love, decorating my own home, walking on a beach and sketches of people there.

Choices, decisions were explained in my journal of many, many years ago. I have more “knowing” now. Mature. Wise.

How did I get here… from there? Lots of ups and downs. Yet I learned that life is not one way. It is made up of many “you’s” in time.

You will find me working with people who want a good listener. Someone who has empathy and real life experience as well as professional.

How did your life go? Want to explore? Looking for insight and/or new directions? I’m here. Feel free to set time and we’ll get you on your path.