Coaching tools

Coaching Posters

Coaching Posters
(Set of three 11″ x 17″)
$39.00 + S/H

Coaches must be ready in the moment! Yet, how to work with clients in different “states” can require handy tools. Questions are the Coach’s Tools. However, the right question is sometimes not on the tip of the tongue. Rich and Cat of Apositiva Institute compiled a series of three (3) posters made up of transformative, inspiring, and break-through questions. Several coaching schools have ordered these for their training sessions. If you are a Life Coach, Business Coach, or Specialized Coach you will find these handy questions conveniently located on these coaching posters to be a handy tool!

These posters can be a coach’s handy friend and they can be placed easily on a wall or on a desk. Each poster is laminated to protect from spills. Here is a sample of one of the posters.

“I have been a life coach for many years, and this is one of the most important tools I have ever found. I use them constantly and wouldn’t be without them!”
D.H. – Certified Master Life Coach

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