Happy Holidays!

Thank you sunrise, trees, birds, rivers and mountains for lifting the spirit! You and Mother Nature bring misty moist mornings brilliant buoyancy to spring Spirit from the dark depths and rise up from bed saying, “Okay! Okay! I’m up!”

It’s the holidays!  So… how’s it going?

Honestly have you courage to face the expectations of life: physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually? Can you easily light your candles especially after a puddle of pandemic, fear, political rift, and worries about what tomorrow brings?

Struggling? “Poor baby,” as Charles Shultz’s Peanuts character Snoopy would say.

Me too. It’s cold out there. The world has changed.

I too look for the flames to ignite my candles of peace, joy, hope and love.
No matter the social and religious beliefs we all have inner candles that can melt down … or a passing draft of wind puffs and our light is extinguished.

What then?

How do you get your candle flame burning bright again so you can see in the hidden depths?

How do your break through murky darkness and see all the good that is waiting behind the blinds of belief, past disappointment, sadness, imagined fears, and indistinguishable rumbling of a distant thunder of other people rifling around in their own dark basements? Ask a musician, writer, or artist!

Musicians. How do they lure the creative muse from a hidden world for a music-talented heart-filled soul, and translate the hidden message into juice we can drink with our ears? They know. However, I can only know if I ask them because they hold the key to music mystery.

Just like authors and writers hold the key to mixing letters into words to make paragraphs into stories, and to capture our hearts on a tour into another world of their story.

Artists possess sensitive souls who desire expressing mystic magic. Magic can be translated through rhythm, mathematics, science, delicious and tasty offerings, an aromatic invitation of spice, a giggle and laugh, and a gentle appreciation to share with you and the blind.

Today I saw rays of orange and gold light rising with Mother Nature, sneaking up from mountains and river, ignite my candles of peace, joy, hope and love! I felt awe.

If you lack energy around the holidays, may I give you a light? You are not empty. There is still wick and wax and wonder to meet the flame of life. If life got you down momentarily and you are reading this … you are alive!

Just in case you are not sure here is a quick quiz.

Quick Quiz

1) Are you breathing? Take a long breath in and out.
2) Pinch your arm. Feel that?
3) Take a long sip of water. Feel refreshed?

Congratulations! If you answered yes to these questions you are alive!
Walla! Your candle is lit!

Now take your brilliant buoyancy and no matter what murky darkness is out there, get started and make a path forward to 2022 with peace, joy, hope and love.

Remember that when you want or need help to make or stay on your path I am here as your coach, hypnotherapist, and life artist. Stay tuned and watch for new classes coming online in January 2022.

Happy holidays from Cat Wilson and the Apositiva team.