Pediatric Coaching and Hypnotherapy

Pediatric Skills of Hypnotherapy


Dates: To Be Rescheduled

Times: Saturday & Sunday 9:00-4:00pm

Tuition: $345

Pediatric Hypnotherapy Certification is for practitioners who want to focus on children. This is a focused course which includes working with challenges specific to children of all ages. Learn how to work with ADHD, Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, Test-taking, Self-Esteem, pain control, needles, and more. This workshop is presented by Cat Wilson and Rebecca Hufford, and includes actual videos of us working with children as well as a lunch time video on medical offices and how they are using and presenting hypnotherapy with their clients.

UPCOMING: OHA – Pediatric Hypnotherapy Presentation

See Cat Wilson online in working with children using Pediatric Hypnosis in the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association online Conference. See OHANW.org for more information on this event scheduled for March 20, 2021. 



Pediatric Coach Magic


Pediatric Coach Magic will be offered Post Pandemic. This is a coaching class which includes online video, book, materials, and hands on materials. Call for details on this workshop. Sign up for both Pediatric Hypnotherapy and Pediatric Coach Magic and receive a special discount and two certificates. These programs represent Continuing Education Unit hours: Coaching for Pediatric Coach Magic and Hypnosis for Pediatric Hypnotherapy. Click here to visit Pediatric Coach Magic website.

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