You Have a Purpose, Let’s Find It!

Written by Cat on

Why am I here? What is the best expression of my gifts in this lifetime? I hear these questions from folks all over the world, in places like New York, North Carolina, California, Paris, Oklahoma, Portland, Vancouver, Mexico City, and Taiwan, just to name a few. So, it sounds like finding one’s purpose is a likely a universal curiosity. If you have also been wondering […]

Across the Fields in Training – Upcoming Classes in 2020

Written by Scott Yeager on

We are dancing as fast as we can, and as many of you know, Apositiva always has something brewing in the cauldron of creative learning. Here are the latest dates for courses coming up in 2020. Please contact us with any questions you have about our offerings.   Hypnotherapy Certification with NLP in 2020 Next Series of nine (9) week-ends: (1) Feb. 8-9;  (2) Feb. […]

Words Change, but Trauma is Still a Wound

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Blood spurted onto my shirt and I realized I’d been hurt. I’m standing in the kitchen watching blood, wondering, “What happened?” Surprised. Shocked! “What do I do?”  Dropping the bloody sweet potato and knife into the sink, I see blood seeping from my hand. I look around for something to help. Anything! I’m feeling anxious. I need to stop the bleeding. I reach out and […]

Pediatric Coach Magic and Hypnotherapy Workshops in June

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We are excited for the return of two workshops designed to build skills for inspiring children to make positive changes using coaching and hypnotherapy. Join two experienced children’s coaches with decades of combined experience in playful day long sessions at Apositiva. See the details below and contact Cat Wilson to reserve your spot. Pediatric Skills of Hypnotherapy Dates: June 29 & 30, 2019 UPDATE: Cancelled – […]

Spring Cleaning

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By Cat Wilson A clean thought stream brings clarity. That stream is a part of a bigger ecosystem in our life that fills the spaces we inhabit and move through. Life is a combination of mind, body, and spirit, and all three are in relation with the places we spend our time. If we hope to grow, we can start by being conscious of the […]

It’s time to prosper

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We all know that feeling—the one that says we’re missing something important from our life. In our busy, noisy modern world, it’s all too easy to neglect a part of what we need to be whole. Some aspect of our health, wealth, and happiness becomes a “maybe someday” or “I wish I could”. Over time, we can stop believing in our dreams and start believing […]

A New Story

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A New Story By Cat Wilson Birds singing. Smells of spring float on the air. The minds wanders through memories, all part of a familiar story. Does this story uplift you, or is it time for something new? A story can give us a place to wander when our mind is busy. When we need a release whatever is distracting us from being our best, […]

Life Design: Steep Patiently and Wait for Perfection

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By Cat Wilson I take wisdom from a cup of tea for how to live my life. Mix the most delicious combination of ingredients with the perfect cup, decorate in colors and a message I want to absorb, and fill the cup with fresh, filtered water just off a boil. Wait patiently for perfection as it steeps for two to five, or five to ten […]

Mindfulness Class – Offer Expires February 28

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Special Offer: Mindfulness and More. A self-paced online class by Cat Wilson. This class was created to the request of clients and students. Almost 100 people have come to this mindful experience and reported they feel more peaceful, have more energy, and feel happier. Isn’t it time for you to experience more peace, energy, and happiness? Normally $145, Your Holiday Special is $5 till February […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! Make Pie!

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What kind of gift shows love? Chocolate? Flowers? A gift card? How about something different? Happy Valentine’s Day! Make a Pie! This recipe found it’s way to many a stomach in my family and among my friends. This pie is a recipe for those who can eat wheat, that I found in the Oregonian years ago. Show your love when you say Happy Valentine’s Day! […]