Have you ever found yourself asking, “what if I did?” Life sometimes seems to invite us to let go of what we know and discover what we can only find by taking a leap. Today, I’d like to share my story, with the hope that it inspires your curiosity about what could happen if you did that thing that’s been calling to you.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Scott, and Cat Wilson has been my coach for almost four years now. When we started working together, it was a time of big change in my life. Reflecting now, during another time of big change, I see how much coaching has been a catalyst for the unbelievable journey which I am blessed to be on.

Almost a decade ago, I was laying in a hammock at Neah Bay on Makah tribal lands at the tip of what we now call the Olympic Peninsula. It was the last night of a beautiful weekend arts and music gathering, and I was getting rather worried. I was scheduled to work the next day at a job that I often dreaded going to. It was late in the night and the friend I’d come with still hadn’t returned to camp. The chances of us being up early enough to make it back to Seattle in time for my shift seemed slim.

As I was fretting over the potential consequences of my late arrival the next day, it occurred to me that even in the worst case, if I was fired, I’d be fine. My savings were adequate to support me for at least a few months. As I considered this future more, it occurred to me suddenly that I’d actually rather leave the job anyway. There was a whole world of possibility beyond what was really an irrational fear that being unemployed would be some kind of immediate crisis. I committed to myself before falling asleep that I would turn in my resignation the very next day.

On the car ride home, I already felt liberated and started singing a song about it that came to me as if floating on the wind. When I quit, I also promised myself that I’d never have a boss again. Over the following years, I worked odd jobs and tried out different entrepreneurial ventures: care providing, driving a pedicab, and finally freelance writing. Money was usually tight and a competitive housing market left me sometimes relying on couch surfing and temporary sublets. There were times when I questioned what I was doing and whether returning to a more traditional lifestyle would be wiser, but I continued following my intuition and my dream of freedom.

I met Cat early in my freelancing writing work. She helped me to establish for myself how my business would operate, what kind of clients I’d serve, and how I’d grow personally and professionally. Most importantly, Cat always reminded me that it was possible to enjoy a life full of abundance, meaning, and love, on my own terms. When a new but somewhat illusive opportunity appeared in my life, coaching provided a space for me to figure out how to pursue it by setting priorities and maintaining balance. When that opportunity became a reality, our sessions also became a space for celebration and excitement for even greater things to come.

Over the last few months, I’ve visited two new continents as part of a contract doing work that I absolutely love with an incredible international team. I feel that I am using my gifts to fulfill my purpose in the best possible way, and having tons of fun along the way. While countless decisions have led me to this place, I’d never be here if I hadn’t left behind the comfort and apparent stability of that one job so many years ago. And, I wouldn’t have arrived ready to say “yes” confidently without the life transforming experience of coaching.

So, when you’re wondering “what if I did?”, know that life is full of wonderful surprises for those who choose to take the leap. The universe is ready to support you in following your dreams, so what are you waiting for?
 Sunset in the Greek islands, Summer 2021