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Basic Practitioner and Master Practitioner
Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Training

What is an NLP Practitioner?

Apositiva NLP Practitioner Grads 2013

Apositiva NLP Practitioner Grads 2013

NLP Practitioners are coaches, educators, engineers, administrative assistants, doctors, nurses, psychologists, executives, sales people, massage therapists, Naturopath doctors, and parents who desire better communication. We do NLP training for use for musicians, artists, life learners, accelerated learners, and people who have faced problems with learning challenges and discover how NLP improves their life and learning.

Our classes will be held onsite Saturday and Sunday. Friday’s class will be in webinar. Our first two weekends are at Apositiva Center, and the following weekends are arranged in collaboration with current students in class, so you have one day in the convenience of your home and two having fun practicing with your cohorts.

NEW! ONLINE SELF-PACED CLASSES will be offered in 2020-2021. As they become available we will list them on our website.

New Class Format: Webinar Wednesday/Wonderful Weekends!

Apositiva Offers a New Training Learning Format.

Your Present Will Be Your PastOur classes are held in Webinars and Classroom. You will love the convenience of learning at home as well as experiential classroom practice. Your First Class begins with everyone together Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Apositiva Center. The second week-end and on, you will be in class in Webinar on the Wednesday prior to class and in class for experiential training on Saturdays and Sundays. Instructors work with students who are dedicated, offering additional support. Here are the new dates:





Week-end Classes are currently held in Webinar Online due to Covid 19. Videos of classes are provided to students for review.
Times:     Wednesday Web  7-8:30p, Saturday & Sunday Class 9:30-5p



SCHEDULE FOR 2020 Week-end Classes held in Center are now in Live Webinars and recorded.
Wednesday Classes are in Webinar format and recorded.

Wednesday Web  7-8:30p, Saturday & Sunday Class 9:30-5p

  • Week 1 – Sept. 2, 5-6
  • Week 2 – Sept. 23, 26-27
  • Week 3 – Oct. 14, 17-18
  • Week 4 – Nov. 4, 7-8
  • Week 5 – Nov. 18, 21 & 22
  • Week 6 – Dec. 16, 19-20
  • Week 7 – Jan. 6, 9-10
  • Week 8 – Jan. 27, 30-31
  • Week 9 – Feb. 17, 20-21

Why NLP?
Do you ever meet people who are successful in the same way you want to be successful? Have you ever read a story or seen a movie and wanted to change your life? Do you hear other people talk about wanting to live with more positive ways to manage themselves and get better results than what they have now? Do you want their secret?

The secret can be revealed inside of every human potential. We can teach you to get clearer focus on the things that are most important, and then explore the strategies that make it happen. NLP is the art and science of human excellence. Learn to create better value agreements with yourself.

Goals, Blocks or Mindsets – A business professional saw our card when someone showed it to them and were asked about the “Practitioner, NLP.” The professional smiled and explained that they went to this NLP Practitioner with their life partner. The practitioner guided them in some exercises and when they left the appointment it surprised them how much they improved in their relationship in one session! Some people call it magic. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is designed to be used with yourself or to help other people. Life or business.


NLP Training

Why Do People Attend NLP Workshops with Apositiva?


  • Identify and enjoy learning the skills to make powerful changes
  • Learn how to recognize strategies and how to change them
  • Discover how to create options to make better decisions
  • Help yourself & others succeed in communication, school, and sports
  • Get the secrets to do what you desire, and live to the highest potential
  • Practice step-by-step processes that can make positive changes now!


We would not want you to miss this opportunity in Portland, Oregon. Come to an NLP Primer for a one (1) day class just to get a basic understanding how NLP works. Get the basic skills as a Practitioner and go on to the Master Practitioner of NLP.

Who Attends?
People looking for fun experience:

  • Business Professionals
  • Teachers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Students
  • Retired Learners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Humans focused on healthy and wise changes


Practitioner – Neuro-Linguistic Programming (P.NLP)

Practitioner students will learn and practice basic skills with fun, exciting, skilled, and entertaining instructors. Please call for syllabus as Practitioner updates with current changes each semester. Objectives are to learn and meet basic competencies with smooth transition into Master Program. All books and materials are included. Outside reading may be suggested for expanded learning.

Requirements: No special educational requirements. Computer access is important and a good internet connection. Some classes will be held online and students will practice getting onto the site with instructors prior to class.

Policy for All Certification Courses: Our courses are customized and arranged for small, high interactive instruction. In fairness to you and instructors, no refunds are given after certification courses begin. If you miss a class you may come to future classes. Instructors may be available for coaching by separate agreement. Coaching services may include videos, tutoring, or online classes. Our graduating students are welcome to connect with instructors (because they miss the fun) by calling Apositiva Center, so we may have a learning package and assure space is available.

When?: Classes are held on the week-ends. If you want to come, and have a schedule concern, call and ask about our Instructor Support. If you miss the start, we an accommodate students who are willing to be mentored.


NLP Primary

Dates: (Call and Ask Us for Schedule) One day workshop.
What You Always Wanted to Know About NLP, but Were Afraid to Ask – Open to Everyone.  This is a one day workshop from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. This is a special brief introduction to NLP. Class fee is $95 and includes workshop, materials, fun and refreshments.  Please call us directly to sign up.

See tuition and schedule here.


NLP Practitioner Certification

Two Certifications in One Program

Apositiva’s “NLP Practitioner” program is taught along with our Clinical Hypnotherapy Training. This is a great deal, as you obtain two (2) certifications in one program. If you were to take the NLP Program as a stand alone with other organizations you could end up paying almost twice as much, but for two certifications taught simultaneously  (you receive two certifications: Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner). Our programs use blended learning, so you’ll find videos and experiential activity for learner expansion.  Certificates are presented upon completion of program and full payment for course. When students take our CHt program, the one (1) additional weekend gives them the full NLP Practitioner certificate.

In order for the Apositiva team to customize our fun learning experience, we must know in advance of your plan to attend. If you are unsure of whether you wish to attend this year, feel free to call or come into the Apositiva Center any time.

NLP Exclusive: If you only want the NLP training, please call us for a special class arrangement. Apositiva offers customized training plans.

Last Weekend is NLP Practitioner Completion & Examination Weekend

Sign up and see tuition and schedule here.


Master Practitioner – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Master Practitioner students will gain the upgraded skills through course lectures, learning aids, demonstrations, exercises, and modeling processes with class colleagues. The point is to develop a high level of competency through an understanding of NLP techniques and strategies, communication levels, and representational systems to guide individuals to their goals.

Required: Practitioner, NLP (or special permission if close to graduation)

This program includes instruction and rapid usage of MindMapping techniques for fast-paced and creative exploration. Extra Hours required for homework and assignments outside of class to complete own work.

In order for the Apositiva team to customize our fun learning experience, we must know in advance of your plan to attend. If you are unsure of whether you wish to attend this year, feel free to call or come into the Apositiva Center any time.

When: NLP Master Track Classes are held on the weekends (Saturday – Sunday) and Wednesday Webinars.

Sign up and see Tuition and Schedule

SCHEDULE FOR 2020 Master Practitioner Week-end Classes held in Center May be held Online

Wednesday Classes are in Webinar format and recorded.

Wednesday Web  7-8:30p, Saturday & Sunday Class 9:30-5p

  • Week 1  
  • Week 2  
  • Week 3  
  • Week 4 
  • Week 5 
  • Week 6 

Tuition: Save $400 when you prepay one month in advance.

 We believe in synergistic relationships, so our students join our collaborative community and enjoy all the privileges.

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