Essentials For NLP & Hypnosis Classes

Apositiva offers NLP and Hypnosis in a series of two sections: 1) Essentials and 2) Advanced. In just a few days of training you learn the basics in hypnotherapy and actually hypnotize another person in class. You see every exercise modeled and practice hypnosis under the supervision of instructors who are Honored Fellows in the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association. Call Apositiva right away at (503) 525-0595 and ask about a tour of our Training Center. You can see the center and answer your questions.

Apositiva Essential Skills Training

Basic Foundational Skills of Hypnotherapy / NLP Syllabus


Chapter 1


“Envoy” by Milton Erickson, M.D.
Alternate States of Consciousness
Basic Hypnotherapy Inductions
Four Levels of Consciousness
History of Hypnosis
How hypnosis feels
Hypnosis – Basic Steps of a Therapeutic Hypnosis Session
Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis Definitions
– Experiential
– Conversational
– Progressive
– Count-up
– Count Down
– Tense & Release

Myths, Misconceptions and Fears
Observing Signs of Hypnosis
Trance & Consensus Trance
What Hypnosis Does – (Brain Wave)
Levels of Daily Consciousness

Chapter 2 NLP: COMMUNICATIONS, REPRESENTATIONAL SYSTEMS & CHANGE Assumptions About Change Presuppositions of NLP Basic Requirements for Communicating Business NLP Techniques Calibration Categories of Predicates Developing Rapport Eye Movements & Accessing Eye Patterns & Direction of Eye Movement Filters, Internal Representation & States Forming Models of Reality Fundamental Presuppositions of NLP Internal Processing Law of Requisite Variety Map of Reality Mirroring, Matching, Leading Models of Reality NLP Communication Model Rapport Rapport Modalities Representational Systems Rules of Human Behavior and Rapport Sensory Acuity Sorting Behaviors: Toward / Away From Transderivational Search & Sorting Model Use of Filter: Generalization, Deletion, & Distortion VAK Predicates What is NLP? (Definition of NLP)

Chapter 3

Hypnotic Language Patterns – Milton Model

Mind Reading, Lost Performative, Cause & Effect, Complex Equivalence, Presuppositions, Universal Quantifiers, Modal Operators, Nominalizations, Unspecified Verbs, Tag Questions, Lack of Referential Index, Comparative Deletions, Pacing Current Experience, Double Binds, Conversational Postulate, Extended Quotes, Sectional Restriction Violation, Ambiguities: Phonological, Syntactic, Scope, & Punctuation

Hypnotic Patterns

Observing Other People

Patterns of Direct & Indirect Suggestion
Direct and Indirect Suggestion, Embedded Commands, Truisms, “Not,” Open-Ended Suggestions, Covering Possibilities of Response, Questions to Facilitate Response, Hand Levitation, Compound Suggestions, Implication and Implied Directive, Binds and Double Binds, Multi-Level Communication, Metaphors.

Primary Perceptual Positions Sensory Acuity

Trance Steps
Fixation of Attention, Breaking Hold on Model of World, Unconscious Search, Unconscious Process, Hypnotic Response, Double Induction

Utilization: Preparation, Trance Work, and Evaluation of Results

Chapter 4

People and Practice
Adverse Reactions / Safeguards
Client Needs Assessment Questionnaire Client Screening Questionnaire
Creating and Delivering Post Hypnotic Suggestion and S.M.A.R.T. Outcomes Pre-hypnotic Screening, Prep, Outcome Preparing the Patient
Scope of Practice

Chapter 5

Changing Fatigue to Energized
Dealing with a Resistant Body Essentials Self-Hypnosis
Increasing Creativity
Overcoming Shyness
Relaxation Transcripts for Self-Hypnosis Salesmanship
Stage Fright
Tao Mind Breathing Technique

Chapter 6

NLP and Hypnosis

Backpack and Balloons
Dave Elman Induction
Guided Visualization
Hands Polarity
Learning State
Resource Circle

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