Mastery Trees

Big Questions in Live Lead Us to Meaning

Big Questions help you discover HOW YOU will DO what you do. Becoming the Master of Your World involves answering BIG Questions and choosing how to respond to life. Today’s NLP Master Training with Cat Wilson and Richard Aanrich of Apositiva in Portland, Oregon ventured into Big Life Questions.  Following … just for you on this special Sunday… are the questions students pondered.  So, I wonder where this path will lead you? Perhaps to make your life more of what you want…

  1. If you knew you could change the world, what would happen?
  2. How shall I live knowing I shall die?
  3. What makes life meaningful?
  4. How do we live the way of the Divine?
  5. If you were to come face to face with your own creator or higher self and he or she asked for a suggestion… how would you go about deciding on the suggestion?
  6. Who is Creator?
  7. What is the price of personal development?
  8. What if we could use 100 percent of our mind … what would we be like as a race?
  9. What came before God?
  10. When I see a celebrity, someone famous, someone that I adore, an enlightened
    or even a homeless person… I wonder what am I me and not another?
  11. If I develop my healing energy how will that change the future of Others of Those I help and support?
  12. Will humans return to their true brain nature: to care, share, and be fair?
  13. How do you KNOW?
  14. Are you comfortable with the idea that the shape of the future depends on how you invest your psychic energy now?
  15. What is the truth?
  16. What was the defining moment/s that changed the direction of my life?
  17. Does the universe have a purpose?
  18. What is MY purpose in this LIFE?

Did you enjoy that pondering? Makes you go “fishing” for the answers – doesn’t it? Apositiva clients, students, and colleagues know that they can keep coming to get the things, information, and attention to meet their needs and desires. Business, Personal, Clinical, or for Fun, this is the local place that smart people invest their resources, because they know the value of quality instructors who care about the individual and how to nourish learning. Whether it is in personal coaching or counseling or hypnotherapy sessions or attending our friendly, fun training classes, you will be satisfied by knowing that we are here for you.
Cat Wilson and Richard Aanrich of Apositiva have been the convenient, quality training center in the Portland, Oregon area serving Students of Life for over 20 years. Apositiva has ongoing classes in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) on the Practitioner Level and Masters Level. Classes are designed with high quality materials, food, fun and frolic! We invite you to call us and enter into the fun! Ongoing class is open for registration. MENTION you saw the blog and receive a 10{8b3a2f999ba59642dfe826ddd554f6c9ff0174d7b182d4f1913e29042ced5c7c} discount on upcoming classes. New Mastery Class beginning in October 2011. Call Rich and Cat at Apositiva today at (503)525-0595 or (503)525-0594.
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