Spring Cleaning

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By Cat Wilson A clean thought stream brings clarity. That stream is a part of a bigger ecosystem in our life that fills the spaces we inhabit and move through. Life is a combination of mind, body, and spirit, and all three are in relation with the places we spend our time. If we hope to grow, we can start by being conscious of the […]

It’s time to prosper

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We all know that feeling—the one that says we’re missing something important from our life. In our busy, noisy modern world, it’s all too easy to neglect a part of what we need to be whole. Some aspect of our health, wealth, and happiness becomes a “maybe someday” or “I wish I could”. Over time, we can stop believing in our dreams and start believing […]

A New Story

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A New Story By Cat Wilson Birds singing. Smells of spring float on the air. The minds wanders through memories, all part of a familiar story. Does this story uplift you, or is it time for something new? A story can give us a place to wander when our mind is busy. When we need a release whatever is distracting us from being our best, […]

Mindfulness Class – Offer Expires February 28

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Special Offer: Mindfulness and More. A self-paced online class by Cat Wilson. This class was created to the request of clients and students. Almost 100 people have come to this mindful experience and reported they feel more peaceful, have more energy, and feel happier. Isn’t it time for you to experience more peace, energy, and happiness? Normally $145, Your Holiday Special is $5 till February […]

Love in a Shell

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What keeps us from expressing love out in the open? Even if you don’t have a romantic love connection, there are plenty of opportunities to express love with our friends, family, and ourselves. But when it feels like everyone else is parading around with bouquets of roses and heart shaped balloons, the easiest thing is to withdraw our love, like a soft creature hiding in […]

Play to Energize Your Day

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Looking for ideas on how to get energized? Maybe you’ve been staring at the refrigerator, thinking of cleaning it, but just don’t have the mojo. Maybe you want to get started on a work project, but your spirit is just not there. Here is a quick tip. When you’re feeling the blah’s, your spirit needs buffing up. Go play! Giving your self time to play […]

Mindful in the Moment

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How do you handle life when everything starts looking foggy?             In looking forward to the unknown, how are you sustained in your wanderings? Can you be calm when the seas of life get choppy? Can you be mindful in the moment? Today I spoke with a friend I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. Why did it take so […]

Inspiration to Find Meaning

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Nature reminds us that we move in a cycle of seasons as part of a bigger story of place, being, and time. In the season of winter you have the opportunity to rest, reflect, go inside. Here is an opportunity for you to explore and get inspiration to find meaning. What is your meaning? Do you have work that combines personal meaning, continued income, and […]

Setting Intentions Energizes Your Future

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Goal setting is popular in coaching circles. It’s a good thing, but do you know the intention for making it happen? Let’s talk about intentions. In setting goals, one writes a specific outcome with a timeline and who and what it involves … along with an action plan. Intention is defined as “a determination to act in a certain way.”  It gives purpose to direct […]

Stillness Supports Your Mind

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Do you live in a busy world? Are you a city-dweller who is feeling anxious or moody? A mind in a city is different than a mind in nature. A busy world can create disharmony in the brain. City-dwellers face more stress than people who live in rural places, according to studies in neuroscience. Research on urban-rural differences has found an increased risk of mood […]