Appreciation - Photo by Rich Aanrich

Appreciation – Photo by Rich Aanrich

Appreciation! Welcome to today and here is something you may find useful. Keep your eyes and ears open and watch for that little surprise!  Appreciation!
Universal principle… That which I appreciate … appreciates.
The human mind can only form in one direction at a time. If you are paying attention to the thoughts that are positive, healthy, fun, your whole mind and body will respond with other similar thoughts of equal importance to you.
The body, too, will also respond in a way that is positive, healthy, fun and whole. We are an integrated mind/body organisms.
Cultivate the habit of appreciation. It is now more than a good idea to appreciate it’s essential. It is a proven principal in numerous studies that it is life enhancing.
And Dr. Robert Ornstein’s book “Healthy Pleasures” he cites how people heal faster and moves thoroughly when they have positive attitudes. Dr. Carl Simonton proved that creating positive expectations with guided imagery could even reverse cancer that had been diagnosed as incurable.
Appreciation or depreciation I like separate columns in your life balance sheet.

Life Balance Sheet

Appreciation Depreciation Balance
Being alive, healthy, friends, etc. Xxx xxx
Rainy, my toe hurts xx x
I have a job, nice boss, great customers xxx xxxx


Appreciation – Like Attracts Like

Like Attracts Like - photo by Richard Lawrence

Like Attracts Like – photo by Richard Lawrence

At your practice appreciating more and more things every day your appreciation and positive balance begin to build and build. Your body/mind begins to exhibit a reality a positive expectations, healthy body, and more and more possibilities begin to appear.

Like attracts like.

What you pay attention to manifests more of the same.

So, yes, what you appreciate … appreciates!
Does this mean you will never have another un-satisfying moment or bad day? Of course not. It does mean that there will be a lot fewer of them and you’ll bounce back quicker. However, what you will be healthier in is in your mind, body, relationships, and spirit.

Next Steps

Start today with a success journal.

  1. Begin to notice everything you can appreciate and write them down.
  2. Next write down every successful thing that happens to you each day. Especially be aware of all the unexpectedly words that happen.
    Did someone buy you lunch? Did you find some money? Did someone pay you a compliment? Did you give a compliment and receive a nice smile or thank you?


  1. Things I appreciated today:
  2. Successful happenings or rewards I received today:
  3. Why I am determined to make this a habit and use it every day:

You are Invited to Grow with Cat Wilson

You are Invited to Grow with Cat Wilson

This article was written with appreciation and enthusiasm by Rich Aanrich. In joy and peace Cat Wilson brings it to you.
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