Are You an Executive Coach?

  Want to have an Executive Coach Roar?  In the world of sports, there are coaches. In the world of life, there are coaches. In the world of business, there are coaches. They are all different. As Dr. Marci Nemhauser and Cat Wilson gather their experience in preparation for the coming workshop to be held at Apositiva Center in Portland, there are many areas that “you” may find beneficial if you are working in business with executives.
Executive Coaching is different than “life” or “personal” coaching in a number of ways. When you are coaching for businesses and organizations you may work with an individual who is purposely working on appropriate behaviors for the enhancement of activity in the business environment.
Business skills take a  particular spectrum. Your coaching may involve:

  • Business culture and organizational roles
  • Ethics and professional standards
  • Behaviors for communication, leadership, and management
  • Resource management (i.e. people, time, money, skills, etc.)
  • Teamwork and conflict management training and practice
  • Dealing with personal styles (i.e. power struggles)

An Executive Coach may be called to do “Assessments” and work directly with the company as an “Internal” coach, which means that you are an employee in the company. As an “External” coach, you may be a coach with a separate business and hired to come in and give an outside perspective. As an Executive, you may be looking for someone to work with you as a “Trusted Advisor,” as it can be lonely working at the top.
If you are interested in sitting in a “learning forum” for two days, and gathering ideas for this expertise consider this week-end’s 2-day workshop with Dr. Marci Nemhauser and Cat Wilson. Here are the objectives of the workshop:

  1. Define and identify differences between Executive and Life Coaching
  2. Learn how to establish trusted advisor rapport with professionals
  3. Discover how to recognize dimensions, attitudes, and attributes that executives wrestle with and how to tame them
  4. Get steps in being an Executive Coach in a company: 1) Internal vs. 2) External.

Two More Things: 1) Call Cat at 503-525-0595 or E-mail [@encode@ email=”” display=”Cat Wilson”] or [@encode@ email=”” display=”Marci Nemhauser”] and 2) Sign up.