Be an Artist of Your Life

Imagine. Create. Be loved. by Cat Wilson

Imagine. Create. Be loved. by Cat Wilson

You create your life by your very thoughts, dreams, and personal artistry. If your life is not as enjoyable as you want, stop, and get out the paint. Drawing, sketching, writing, playing, dancing, singing, etc.  can brighten a moment with artistic play.  How do you begin? Here are three ways I get into sketching or writing stories.
1) Imagine interesting interactions in nature, planets, stars, etc.
2) Creatively make up a story and draw a creature in it.
3) Be loved by animals. Feeling loved, opens your heart.
Art can happen on a canvas, with an instrument, as well as your pen and voice. Use what is closest or what you feel attracted to play.
Personal Artistry can involve the way you talk, walk, dress, play, arrange your space, relate to people. When you become artistic with yourself, you may discover character strengths. Uniquely you may already do and communicate something because of your unique character recipe.

Would you like to add more character?

Artistically adding a new perception adds new views. While teaching a coaching class, I took on being Katharine Hepburn. She had a fascinating frame of reference, fierce independence, and spirited personality.  She was a powerful leading lady. I used Katharine Hepburn’s frame of reference to show how different states can help you believe in yourself for five minutes. In five minutes you artistically try on a character trait and you feel different.

Being you is artistry.

Be Artist of Your Life - by Cat Wilson

Be Artist of Your Life – by Cat Wilson

What is meaningful to you brings you to focus on what matters. When you act on what matters to you, your essence starts to grow, your being expands, and you touch life with your personal artistry. How do you create being?
You create being in your mind, heart, and soul with what you allow to live inside of you. Also, what you do with your artistic ideas.
Bring energy to your life in your own artistic way. Be an artist of your life by choosing your own beliefs, values, knowing your character, and becoming all you can possibly be.
Neuro-linguistic Programming is about the art and science of human excellence. Come to our classes and learn how to bring more artistry to your life. Imagine. Create. Be loved.