Fun Grads 2012In the world of coaching, the game is “Questions.” Like in the movie based on Hamlet “Rosencranz and Gildenstern are Dead” there is a question and an answer, and it pings back and forth in play. Do you want to play questions? Coaching players can expect to bounce answers back and forth to questions asked …  like balls in a court with another skilled player.
Some questions are BIG,  like, “What will be the difference you bring to the world?” or a small question like, “Do you think it’s going to rain again?”  Questions are constructed to help you stay on your path, and meant to bring information to the floor for discovery. Questions guide you to where you are reaching.
I’m curious … Are YOU stuck in the same questions? Could you use some help getting outside of your own mindsets? According to Robert Ornstein we have multiple mindsets.
When you are sitting with a coach, who is focused on you, you can revel in the fact that you will realize that you are far more than you ever realized. Questions can do that, step by step. Here are some ways:
Clarify – Specifically what do you want?
Deepen – When you get what you want, why is that important?
Test – When you get what you want, .. how will it be in the future?
Ah Ha – When you look back on that time, what did you learn? Wow!
Coaching is a process where the client is honored with having the answers. Naturally, this means that the coach doesn’t give you the answers, because coaching is not consulting nor therapy.  YOU, the client has all the answers. The coach takes you inside where it is safe to explore and they listen with two ears for what is said, and with the third ear for what is not being said.
We teach coaching, because we love helping new coaches get started with a core set of skills and good questions. If you are wanting to know what it feels like to be coached and practice steps to being a coach then you are in the right place. Join our Growing Coach Training program. A new class begins Friday, July 18th.  You can come to one module for play or all five for certification as a coach. You’ll walk the talk and talk the walk.
By asking questions, coaches help clients get to know themselves, open up possibilities, revisit dreams, introduce themselves, and take creative control of their own lives.  What possibility can we help you open up? What dream are you waiting for? Where can you create more in your life?
Today, take a moment and consider:”What Big Question Can You Reach for?”
FOR FUN, go here to view GAME OF QUESTIONS.