Bringing More of You into “You”

Fall is a Season of Change

Fall is a Season of Change - Change into the Best You!

Fall! A season of change. Weather, trees, fashions, and even the foods we eat change. One October afternoon I was watching people walking through a park, and naturally there were many children with parents going for walks. Children who were one on one with parents, such as little boys with a dad, or little girls with a mom, who seemed to carry themselves exactly the same. One little boy had even developed a swagger… like papa.
Conversation from children even sounded like a parent’s words. A little girl squatted in front of a row of items in a grocery store. I overheard her say, “Make a good choice, because you only get one.” She was about 4 years old. She was talking to herself. Mama walked up and bending down to speak into her left ear, she said, “Make a good choice, because you only get one.”
Made me smile. I knew where the little girl had learned her instructions. Then it occurred to me how many people I see in sessions that hear their parent’s voices ringing inside, and repeating the words outside.
One story. One client wanted to drop about 20 LB and when I asked him how he could see himself doing that he said he thought he needed to stop eating pasta and bread items for a couple weeks and take up a daily walk. Then he stopped and looking up, he replied, “But, if I did that it would be too much.”
I asked, “Too much? Too much what?”
“It would take too much time,” he said.
“Too much time as compared to what?” I asked.
“I have to get a lot of things done in the morning and it would take too much time to change,” he said.
“Who’s voice is that… who is really talking?” I asked.
Pausing and reflecting, he said, “My Grandpa. He was a minister and thought if you weren’t working you were lazy. I can imagine him watching me out in the morning walking and making a comment about what needed to get done.”
I asked him what his grandfather would want for him if he knew about the diabetes and heart issues he was struggling with. My client said, “He would want me to take care of myself.” Pausing again, he said, “he would be happy for me to see me feeling healthy.”
My client reached an AHA moment. The story he was telling himself was his relative’s story, his grandpa’s philosophy.
I asked him how he could “bring more of you into you”? He smiled and told me that he needed to use updated ideas and personalize them to what he needed. When he got that, it was the beginning of a new awareness. “I need to bring more me into me. My feelings. My needs. My new ideas.”
Change. It’s Fall… a good time to let the old stuff go, and take on some new colors. Winter comes and there’s a looong sleep. The spring brings a newness. Isn’t it time to give yourself permission to follow the seasons?

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