Over the last several months, Apositiva’s Cat Wilson has had the wonderful opportunity to share the gift of art with young folks in North Carolina through virtual paint parties. The events have been organized in conjunction with several local organizations focused on violence prevention, criminal justice innovation, and providing crisis support for rape survivors. They distributed art supplies to local participants in Robeson County who met virtually with Cat to learn about painting and create art based on a therapeutic theme.

The first session was such a great success that word spread throughout the community and an additional session was scheduled for the next month to accommodate another group of students. For the second session, students were encouraged to paint on the theme of “Building Bridges”, symbolizing a supportive structure providing safe passage past an obstacle. Participants shared their work at the end of the party including the name they’d chosen for their bridge.

For January, the theme was traveling into a New Year. Some of the guiding questions included: What light guides us? Is it the New Moon, a constellation of stars, a sunrise, or something else? Who walks with us on our journey and helps us keep going? Is this a person or an animal?

This new year is already well underway, but these questions remain as relevant as ever, both for kids and adults. Even if you don’t have the supplies to paint on hand, a pen or pencil and paper are all that’s really needed to explore the healing nature of art. You could make a sketch or just write a bit about the light in your life and the guides accompanying you on your journey.

And if you’re feeling inspired to bring a paint party to life, Cat is happy to share what she knows about organizing and leading these beautiful events. Find contact information here.