Change Your Brain .. Walk with Me in the Rain

Cat Wilson Walking in Rain

Cat Wilson Walking in Rain

Want Healthy? 
Healthy = Being + Doing + Sharing.  Plan regular daily trips to “Healthy” using activity. Prepare for your daily healthy living by taking your bodies outside … walking and talking. Being in the moment and sharing.

Being alive means being present in the moment.

Be active in the experience of your life. Portland, Oregon sees a lot of rain, but no matter, the runners, walkers, bicyclists, and even the dog walkers are out in it, doing what they do.  Yes, we get wet.  Smiling… we see one another, say “hello,” nod or smile and keep on moving in the rain.  We adjust our thinking for what we choose. Doing these activities feels good in our bodies.  On the beach, in the city or the forest, birds and animals are fine in the rain, so let’s take you. Click here at Portland Afoot for some ideas about walking in the area.

Doing a run, riding a bike, walking helps your body inside as you enjoy the outside.

Enliven your systems! Your lymphatic system supports immunity and absorbs the toxins, but you need to be active to keep it flowing. Lymph systems move when you do, muscle action with the skeletal movement supports you in clearing out the toxins. Your muscles and blood need the air to create the energy to flow through you. As you move you breathe and get oxygen flowing inside.  Oxygenated brains make you more fun and smarter. Thinking, talking, moving, and sharing enliven your creativity, too.

Sharing the walk in the rain is beautiful.

“It’s so green, fresh and lovely here!”  Look around. Walk quietly for a while. Stop and appreciate something. Look out into the distance.  Feel the air. Sense it.  Listen to birds in trees, look up. Find the birds.  Where is that birdsong coming from?  Inhale and smell deeply. What is that?  Share what you are noticing with a little conversation, “Oh, look! A beautiful plant over there.” The path to conversation is here in your experience of the walk.

Enjoy NatureExperiencing our walking path, we like to see it clean and clear.

So, we plan for this clarity, bringing small bags to pick up along the way, helping keep our neighborhood pleasant.  We walk for 15 minutes or so… and on the way back … bend over here or there … picking up stuff.  This stuff is evidence that others leave of themselves on our path and includes candy wrappers; drink cans, cigarette packages, clothing (t-shirts, socks, gloves, shoes, and once we found trousers), as well as receipts for purchases of food, medicine, bus fair, and prescriptions.  Visitors to the hospitals that we walk by park along the path. We suspect that they don’t realize the life around them here.   Oh, well. The next walk will be cleaner tomorrow. Sometimes people notice what we’re doing and say, “Thank you.”  We say, “Thank you for noticing.” Along the way is a trashcan and we release our bags …  the stuff of others along the way …  feeling good inside with the knowledge and movement of our walk.

Ready.  Set. Go!  You can go with us in your mind first, then your body.

Tonight, before you go to sleep, plan on getting up early and going on a walk to healthy with me in the rain.  If the sun is shining… it’s okay.   Portlanders call rain “liquid sunshine.”  However you view it… is all in the mind.  Remember: Sharing + Doing + Being = Healthy.

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