Minimalist Misty Landscape by Beerlogoff

Minimalist Misty Landscape by Beerlogoff

The American Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865 and ended. Yet, there is a “Civil War” regularly in football every year.  How about a “Civil Peace” or “Celebrations of Harmony” or “Misty Landscape Day” or “Idea Day?”
I hear the door open. “Hello,” rings a cheery voice. “Oregon Ducks pulled out a 1 Point win in the last 29 seconds!”  I’m not even certain what all happened, but he is red-faced, excited and happy! So many of our friends and colleagues talk football, and I feel like an island without a connection to the Big Football Mainland.
My partner is an avid football fan and is very excited about these games!  He went to watch the Civil War Game today, and came back hoarse and excited about the whole contest and the way it ended up.
When it comes to these games, my partner is amazing at researching sport details and studies all the information, players, and checks sites bookmarked on his computer. Neighbors come by to meet with me for an event, but they first take 15 minutes to catch up on football conversation. I listen intently, but so much of that jibber jabber takes a special brain compartment, which apparently was not programmed into my brain at birth (my mother says it wasn’t in hers, either).  The information flies in one ear and out the other. Battles are not my thing.
When I first heard the title Civil War from a client, I looked it up in Wikipedia to check to see if I was missing a holiday. Now I realize it is the special football game played in states where one major college plays off against their main rival. Today, the Civil War was played in Oregon, the game between two college teams: Beavers and Ducks.  OSU has the longest rivalry going west of the Mississippi (119 years!).  Apparently, people are happy about this war.
A part of me wants to hear that a shift of peace-minded people will create a new event. One that represents total harmony and civil peace. Kind of a cooperative game where everyone gets to win. Where would it be held and who would play? What would happen and how would the rules go? It could be a new shift that could establish a new mindset. Is there anyone else out there who is curious and wondering if this could be a possibility? If so, let me know.

Idea Seeds

I’ve heard it said that it takes a town to grow a child. So, maybe it takes a world to grow a new culture?

International Creatives Unite!

Let’s all start thinking about the possibility of something beautiful and beneficial to the planet and all people. Who knows? It just might start developing. You take an idea and plant it and all kinds of things grow. One enthusiastic person can move a crowd, so how about we come up with some seeds to grow like:   Peace, Harmony, Compassion.

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