Spring Cleaning

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By Cat Wilson A clean thought stream brings clarity. That stream is a part of a bigger ecosystem in our life that fills the spaces we inhabit and move through. Life is a combination of mind, body, and spirit, and all three are in relation with the places we spend our time. If we hope to grow, we can start by being conscious of the […]

A Friend Awaits

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Making friends was scary for me when I was a child. As a shy child I didn’t make friends easily. I worried that if I talked to one of the popular kids they would turn away. Fear of rejection. My mother joined me up for Girl Scouts where I could make friends. What a struggle it was for me. I preferred sitting at home reading […]

Got Love? No Got Love?

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Have a Lover, Got Love? No Got Love? by Cat Wilson and Scott Yeager February is here. The month of love means different things to different folks. If you have a lover in your life, you could relate to February with joy and anticipation. If you don’t have a love interest, this could be an angsty time. You might be looking at happy couples with […]

Past Life to Future Life – Fundraiser

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Are you curious about past lives? How about future lives? Want to journey to another time? Past Life to Future Life – Fundraiser Every year Cat Wilson holds a special 2-day event for the Portland Rescue Mission. It’s called  “Past Life to Future Life.” On December 31 and January 1 we give a group experience to travel in time. This is special, because 100% of […]

Stillness Supports Your Mind

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Do you live in a busy world? Are you a city-dweller who is feeling anxious or moody? A mind in a city is different than a mind in nature. A busy world can create disharmony in the brain. City-dwellers face more stress than people who live in rural places, according to studies in neuroscience. Research on urban-rural differences has found an increased risk of mood […]

It’s a Lesson in Perspective

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  Yesterday morning I was doing my daily mindfulness time and was looking out through the large window with a view of several trees. It was a bright beautiful morning and a lot of birds were flying south in their morning journey for the day. I noticed five birds flying together and was surprised when all of a sudden four of the birds moved rapidly […]

Seasons of Change

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Do you know when you are ready to make a change? Are you working with others in a coaching position where you deal with change? In Growing Coach Training we train growing coaches how to work with people on many levels. When it comes to change, there are seasons of change. One model is called TTM or Transtheoretical model, developed by James Prochaska in 1977 […]

Seriously, Go Play

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Play Do you play? Play is what you do to have fun. What defines play? One definition of play is: to amuse oneself, entertain oneself, enjoy, relax, frolic, frisk, to move or function freely, perform, or spontaneous activity of children. According to Perri Klass, M.D. in a NY Times article Taking Playtime Seriously play is “essential for development and essential for learning.” Kids naturally play from birth. […]

Walk Gently and Carry a Stick

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How does one prepare for a coaching session? Get into state! In coaching, you want to set a state that supports you as well as your client. Which states? Strength, courage, curiosity, humor, and openness are some useful states. As you begin the session, know that it can be like walking through a forest … exploring. It’s good to know what is on the path […]

Got Turnips, Ideas, and Genius?

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Try a turnip! “You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip” you argue. Ah, true. According to The New Dictionary, that means, “You can only get from people what they are willing or able to give.” (The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. 2002). But what about your goals and dreams? Are you willing to try? Are you able to give? Have you ever tried […]