Focus on BeautyYou are so much more than you know. It’s true. Yet, why do so many people wander about like zombies, stressing, struggling with living with more joy, and feeling blocked?  If you feel disconnected and blocked, the problem could be a blocked pineal gland. Meditation and guided imagery can help.
Sleep is a challenge for multitudes of people. Studies report that sleep deprivation and insomnia are two conditions that greatly challenge people all around the world.  Studies in sleep and imagery* show that mental imagery can help.
When your body is able to manufacture sufficient amounts of melatonin and serotonin you rest more easily. When your pineal gland is clogged up or calcified it doesn’t function as well. Beneath the cerebral cortex, this little gland is where consciousness and memory reside. When your body isn’t creating enough serotonin, you may have memory challenges. Clear the block and you’ll remember better.
Spiritual Insight
Mystics say that the pineal gland is where your spiritual vision resides, which bridges the two worlds of physical and metaphysical.  Spiritual messages may come through your dreams and this is where lucid dreams can be experienced. Yet another reason to clear the block within this precious space.
Some researchers believe that sugar affects the pineal gland, as well as junk food, fluoride, and the stress of continual limiting beliefs. It goes to say that a healthy diet can make a change all around.

Clear the Block

You can clear the block. How? Begin with these three steps.

  1. Cut out the junk food and sugar.
  2. Change your limiting beliefs to a higher thinking.
  3. Meditate or use guided imagery.

Meditation of the Pineal Gland Activation

Focusing in a beautiful place in nature is especially pleasing. Begin with 10 minutes of simple focus on higher ideas: Love. Kindness. Peace. These three points of focus can help you rise above the everyday blocks and thought loops.
Sitting still with a relaxed posture, breathe from deep within your belly. Hold a gentle thought. Bring in a loving image … a pet, person, nature.  Give yourself a few seconds to focus on one single kindness, whether a kind word or a gesture. Repeat in your mind the word “peace” several times.  When you feel quiet, breathe it into the area of the third eye. This is located above your eyes, but in the middle of your forehead.  Focus on a light entering this space and feel a gentle touch.  Listen and pay attention to any inspiration that comes to you now.
This is a simple way to begin. You may discover more creativity, happiness, and a relaxed peaceful serenity.  If you want to try a meditation with music, click on “936 Hz Pineal Gland Activation Meditation” on YouTube.
You are so much more than you know. Begin now to give yourself the gift of peace with simply 10 minutes of time focusing on opening the door to your creative mind. Open your pineal gland and take your mind and spiritual nature back.

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*Reference: “Sleep Self-Regulation Using Mental Imagery,” is a study on, a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.