A New Story

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A New Story By Cat Wilson Birds singing. Smells of spring float on the air. The minds wanders through memories, all part of a familiar story. Does this story uplift you, or is it time for something new? A story can give us a place to wander when our mind is busy. When we need a release whatever is distracting us from being our best, […]

Your Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Special

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Are you lucky?  People tell me I’m lucky. Stuff happens and they see how peaceful I am. Then something good happens. How do I maintain peace? Mindfulness! I attribute so much to my mindfulness, meditation, self-hypnosis, and tools to stay naturally calm.  It works! There’s a great blog about how it works on Sciencenordic. Mindfulness helps you get control of your brain. It helps regulate […]

Love in a Shell

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What keeps us from expressing love out in the open? Even if you don’t have a romantic love connection, there are plenty of opportunities to express love with our friends, family, and ourselves. But when it feels like everyone else is parading around with bouquets of roses and heart shaped balloons, the easiest thing is to withdraw our love, like a soft creature hiding in […]

Inspiration to Find Meaning

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Nature reminds us that we move in a cycle of seasons as part of a bigger story of place, being, and time. In the season of winter you have the opportunity to rest, reflect, go inside. Here is an opportunity for you to explore and get inspiration to find meaning. What is your meaning? Do you have work that combines personal meaning, continued income, and […]

Past Life to Future Life – Fundraiser

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Are you curious about past lives? How about future lives? Want to journey to another time? Past Life to Future Life – Fundraiser Every year Cat Wilson holds a special 2-day event for the Portland Rescue Mission. It’s called  “Past Life to Future Life.” On December 31 and January 1 we give a group experience to travel in time. This is special, because 100% of […]

Stillness Supports Your Mind

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Do you live in a busy world? Are you a city-dweller who is feeling anxious or moody? A mind in a city is different than a mind in nature. A busy world can create disharmony in the brain. City-dwellers face more stress than people who live in rural places, according to studies in neuroscience. Research on urban-rural differences has found an increased risk of mood […]

Mix Nature and Hypnosis

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Walking in the forest can remind you of the peace in life. The trees remind you of growth and reaching deep. Leaves remind you of letting go, as well as the changes in each season. Mix Nature and Hypnosis A recipe for hypnosis is to gather the elements of nature, such as trees, birds, bubbling streams and streams of thought. Notice everything through the senses […]

How and Where Does a Person Train to Become a Hypnotist?

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How and where does a person train to become a hypnotist? Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training are available in a number of modalities, including experiential workshops, online training, book learning, listening to audio classes, or mentorship. As an instructor and full-time hypnotherapist I would recommend you find a class where you can learn with an experienced instructor (10+ years) and participate with positive encouragement. Reading books […]

Passports to Learning

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Buckle up and Get Ready! It’s time to travel on your learning ship! Apositiva is transitioning as we make our services more accessible to people for experiential and distance training. Workshops for you to sample. Some to grow. Cat has been analyzing the needs and designing and developing new approaches to meet the needs of people interested in personal self development. You will hear more […]

Smoking is So Elegant

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Smoking is so elegant… or so people used to think. I quit over 37 years ago, so I’m a great testimony that it’s possible. It means a lot to me to help a person overcome a habit that does them so much harm. If you are a smoker or know someone who is, let’s change that. Start now with a Healthier experience in 2018. How […]