How do you approach entering a focus or creativity state?  Do you use the same recipe?  You may just discover something interesting about using a focus recipe… when you have an appetite for “peace.”

Mindfulness Focus

Mindfulness Focus with Cat Wilson


This “quieting thoughts” recipe is advantageous to people who want more focus on projects and technical tasks, such as:

  • Architects
  • Mechanics and Engineers
  • Students
  • Technical Professionals
  • Writers
  • Yogi’s

Focus Recipe

Mindfulness is a quiet and peaceful mountain state. Close your eyes. Sit upright. Imagine a serene scene with a mountain peak right in front of you. While you relax and breathe, feel your body. Thoughts may arise. You still busy thoughts by watching them,  yet letting them go,  like clouds floating …  overhead.  Sit still and be calm with breathing exercises … Breathe in deeply through your abdomen and out through your mouth slowly …  Notice how time slows … and mind … clears.
Simmer, and be peaceful and quiet for 10-20 minutes.
Visualization sessions can help in focus. It feels good going inward to a place where you can realize a sense of safety for discovery, play, and positive changes inside and outside. As you focus on deep breathing, relaxing the body and positive suggestions you create new pathways to your inner resources. You can read an engaging article about studies in neuroscience on mindfulness and spacing out in the New York Time article Breathing In vs. Spacing Out by Dan Hurley.

Want a Ride On a Magic Carpet?

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