Enjoy coffee and art in Beaverton at the most recent Cafe Character Art Show at Solace Tea and Fine Espresso!
We started putting pictures up on March 19, and as of the 21st Moose has curated all the pictures.
Misa, Owner, and Art Enthusiast has put pockets of my “Art Cards” for sharing as post cards or framing, as well as some coffee mugs featuring some of the Cafe Characters. If you are interested, go soon, as mugs are in a limited quantity.

Featured Cafe Characters

Some of your favorite sketches will be featured!
Yes, they are now available for purchase. People have started purchasing the large prints, and some of the originals are also available.

Special Talk by Cat Wilson

Curious about how these characters got up on the wall? Well, it is time to tell the story. Come with kids early, or come later with the adults.
Story time – I will give a talk for KIDS April 24th at 10am. Special activity for Kiddos. No RSVP, just bring a kid and show up.
Adult Story time – On April 24th at 6pm I will share with my Adults friends the story of how my Cafe Characters developed.
Solace Tea and Fine Espresso is opened weekends and weekdays.
Weekdays: 6am and close at 10pm
Week nights: 8am and close at 8pm
Solace & Fine Espresso
4655 SW Griffith Dr, #160
Beaverton, OR 97005