Women in Business“OK” is the most understood word in the world. Interesting.  What words do you hear the most?
According to the “Global Language Monitor’s 14th Annual Survey of Global English,” there are 1,025,109.8 words in the English Language.  In 2013, the top word was “404,” followed by “fail!” Who would have guessed the top word would have been a number? Then came the words: “hashtag,” “@pontifex,” and “The Optic.”
The Top Phrase is “Toxic Politics” and the Top Name is “Pope Francis.”  What does this say about our culture? Language reveals what is important to a society, cultures, and individuals , so we can find clues in how to connect with people by listening to their use of words and language.

Funny Words

Cartoonists portray situations and issue using brief snippets of language. One of my favorite mediums for communication is the cartoon Zits  by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman. It’s about the life of a 15-year-old aspiring rock musician, who is bored and dealing with a Mother and Father who use words that make sense to them, but  their teenage son has an entirely different perception. How can it be that our children are so different than us when we raise them in our home and were their first teachers? I don’t know the answer to this question (still trying to figure that one out myself), as each one of my children are very different.  However, I like to think that anything is possible if you truly intend to use your conscious and unconscious mind creatively. Eventually my words will come to me about this.

A picture can say a thousand words! 

IMAG0366A word can sprout off to a thousand more AND keep you MOVING FORWARD. Yet, when you keep going you find a kernel of truth that created the fantastic field of flowering words. Ideas can sprout from words. If we get a gaggle of giggling girls together with a boisterous bounty of boys we might manifest a mount of miracles. Words. I love them.

Goals in a Year

Do you have a goal you want within the next year?  Apositiva features lots of creative opportunities in sessions, workshops and online sessions. Is your goal one of SUSTAINABILITY? If you are ready and want to get going, I will be asking you a few questions, including, “What words get you going? ” Using Neuro-linguistic programming, which has a lot of connections in terms of languaging, we can venture off into the unknown in a safe environment and explore! Want to start now? Here are some beginning questions:

  1. What goal do you want within the next year?
  2. What is the objective of that goal, or what will it get you?
  3. What is the #1 Obstacle to reaching or goal, or in other words: what stops you?
  4. What is the Payoff for allowing that obstacle to exist?
  5. What is the one (1) action you can take to change to a positive outcome?

Ok, now come and mindmap that with us December 14th & 15th and let’s see how we can give you more of what you want. SIGN UP for our on-site workshop. You can also call us to present the mindmapping workshop to your business group. CLICK FOR MINDMAPPING.

New Agreements With You

Be PRO-ACTIVE. Will you allow us to help you may a new MORE ROBUST agreement with yourself to get beyond your first hundred words to your goal? READY for a new PARADIGM? Contact Cat Wilson at our main office: 503-525-0595.
What if you started now?