The other day, I was mucking through the news and zipping through the New York Times online, and I noticed an article on gas prices. Speaking on behalf of thrifty Californians, it spoke about those clever individuals whom have learned to find the places with the best prices on fuel. Why? Neighborhoods and cities alike are straining against the pressure to pay more for where they want to go. Bargain hunters look to the penny saved. Yet, gas is not the only crisis calling for attention.
Education and the cost of learning. Medical care to serve our growing and aging needs. Family challenges with children, aging parents, and teens in a world of cameras and internet. Environmental stakes that are being pulled up and exposed.
With these new episodes of life, and more, perhaps it is time we explore our values and re-establish a new way of thinking? Could it be that living hours away and filling a vehicle with pricey nourishment is not the wave of the future? How did we create this dilemma? Was it created for us? What is needed to get back to “normal”?
“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it,” stated Albert Einstein, famous scientist and thinker. Times are changing and we need to change with it. As the world around us spins out of control, we need to find the brakes and stop! How to begin? In our beliefs and ways of thinking. Here are some tips to make the profound change.
1) Gather your thoughts on whole living and make a list of your favorite quotes. This helps you know who you listen to.
2) Notice the style of life you’ve become accustomed to. What effects do you have on others and the planet?
3) Make a video of yourself talking about what is important and meaningful in your life. Save it to watch a couple days later and view it like you were a detective seeking answers about who was in the video.
4) Imagine yourself in the future without making any changes. What will happen? Are you happy with the results? What if you make some changes here or there? Does it make a difference in your life or others?
5) Envision your life in movie trailers. Would you go and see the movie?
We get this one life to enjoy, to create, to discover, and help make the difference. As you stand back and review what you have done and have not done, maybe this is the time to rethink what you want in life. Perhaps this is your defining moment…
Coach Terri Trespicio said, “Physical pain sends a message: listen to it.”
Well, when life begins to be a pain, stop and look and listen to the message. Change can be a good thing. When you’re ready for making a positive change and want a little definition, feel free to give us a call. Our calling is to be here for changing times, and we’re ready for you! Enjoy peace of mind on your timeline.