Gratitude. Forgiveness. Love.

Watching night

Gratitude at Day End

Evening… Sun going down. Waves falling back into sea. Winds are sweet as they blow away the smog of traffic and industry muck, and the evening brings a gentle repose for us as the lights fade and the stars come out.
Perhaps as you read these words and travel to a time when you remember  a day … winding down … feeling at ease and open. Thoughts settle. Ticking clocks mesmerize us and bring our hearts into tempo with a slow rhythm. We may remember a voice saying, “Hello! How are you?”  And you felt for a split second that another human cared enough to ask.
Our life is made up of ups and downs. Ins and Outs. High points and low dips. Yet, days wind down, taking with it the residue of the day … and give us a quieting time. We need to use this time for gently giving our body release. When we become ill, rather it be a sore throat or a disease, it may have started in our mind. Maybe we held on to thoughts for many,  many days. Long gone. Did you remember thoughts today that sucked the life out of you? Anger? Madness over a trivial or confusing conversation?  Let’s get rid of it, and let you move into a quieting time.
Step back and see where you were, what was happening, how did it get there? Then, rewrite your response. That’s right. Rewrite the story and give yourself release. Take the time to review how it went and heal the thought.

Forgiveness Prayer

At Apositiva, we have an evening where a group mindfully shares passion projects that we are working on. We meet to  share achievements, and on the path to our sharing we share stories of how our lives  distract us from taking care of what we wanted to do. Sometimes a person feels motivated to write their book or work on their project, but someone comes along and the time is spoiled by an incident of madness.  We all noticed that emotions play a part in our passions, and emotions can also interfere. One night, Trudy shared a Huna prayer that she says when she has a person come in to her healing practice. She uses it for herself and she uses (silently) for others.  People may not always share their troubles, but the body speaks for them. Trudy explained that it helps in unknown ways. I listened and thought I’d share it with you. Here it is.
“Thank you. I’m sorry. I forgive you. I love you.”
We all tried it as she explained that the other person doesn’t have to hear it. You use it to heal the relationship with the “dis-ease.” The idea of doing this felt pretty good, so I’ve been using it for everyone I see who looks sad, mad, frustrated, distraught, anxious, and out of sorts. As I silently applied my simple prayer, I actually felt the shift in the person. Some people I know. Some I just saw in passing. Yet, it felt “right.”
As I slipped into my walking clothes and went for a walk this evening, I carried this prayer in my heart and applied it to everyone in my past, present and future. My step quickened, my heart felt calm, the evening gently drew the curtains, and I felt peace. By the time I arrived at home I felt so much release for myself and secretly for others. I also wished that people who felt stressed, anxious, dissolutioned or needed someone to hold space for them that they would find me. This is the work that fulfills my purpose. Feel free to call and ask for Cat. Let’s redefine your experience and save a better version for a better you.
May this prayer take you into the gentle place of gratitude, forgiveness and love. May the circle of life surround you with a sense that no matter where you are, you are important, and can make a difference with your love.
Thank you. I’m sorry. I forgive you. I love you.