Earth Day 2011

Earth Day, an Opportunity to Honor Outside and Inside

Friday, April 22, 2011 is Earth Day. Let’s appreciate Earth and the Nature of Your Spirit. What is your NATURAL way of BEING? Consider that question and perhaps a flow of ideas will begin to move through the watershed of your personal mountain. Slide into your canoe and let’s explore your personal planet.
Along the path of your life your experiences gave you chances, opportunities, dilemmas, and even gifts to show YOU how you respond. Did you have an earth school experience that brought you new learning? Earth school learning. I met a woman in Santa Cruz, California years ago by the name of Lynn. She loved Chinese Medicine and back in the 1980’s she went to China to learn it. She wanted to visit the place where it all began, and appreciate all the qualities of Chinese Medicine.
While on that journey, she met a life partner and fell in love. It was sweet, nurturing, and passionate. We so get lost in our passions which make them a wonderful distraction from the complications of human life, but being in love solves everything. Have you ever noticed that love makes everything shine? Even people. Well, in all that shine it’s possible to forget what was important on your journey. People living on the Earth may become so involved in business and technology that they forgot about the needs of the planet, how important it is to maintain clean water, nutritious food, healthy air. But tragedy can take down the facade. Somewhere along the way, something – a disagreement – broke the two lovers’ hearts. She told me that she learned how to stand up for her values years ago caring about the planet. She loved nature, health, and honesty. Her partner broke the spell by bad acts on the Earth, such as polluting, littering, and disregard for something else precious to Lynn. Maybe this was a test on Lynn’s courage or values. All she knew was that her nature was not healthy in the environment of this person, so they parted… friends… as was her nature.
Lynn nourished her soul by honoring her values, especially planet Earth. This meant that she cared for the nature in and around her, recycled as much as possible, ate healthy food and exercised, and spoke with integrity. One could always trust that they were with a solid and reliable person when they were with Lynn as a client, vendor, a friend, or other. She knew that you would get in return what you fed. Based on how well we nourish our being, we grow, shrink, even wither and rebirth ourselves … just like seasons. We need to honor our own personal earth in us as well as the land around us.
Today is Earth Day … be kind to our planet. Make it a practice to be kind. Find ways to keep it fresh and healthy. And… look inside at your nature and make a note of ways to keep yourself fresh and healthy. Be well. I’ll be thinking naturally good thoughts of you! – Cat Wilson