Hurt Cats, Dogs and Rabbits – Oh, My!

Cat Gives Blood

Superhero Cat giving blood donation at Dove Lewis.

When a chipmunk falls on a Saturday night, who cares? Blackbirds with a broken wing … a hurt dog or kitten … who reaches out a helping hand? DoveLewis , a 24 Hour Emergency and ICU Hospital for animals. You can be black, white, yellow or all three colors and even more and any animal and you are welcomed!  Feral cats, wild birds, or “Spot” the family cat (or dog) are all given care at DoveLewis. How do they work? Their programs include: Velvet Assistance for low income, Stray Animal and Wildlife, Blood Bank, and Pet Loss Support and pet loss support. Donations keep them going.  Rich and Cat, and Apositiva’s Admin Cindy, went to Dove Lewis to bring a donation and were escorted on a visit by [@encode@ email=”” display=”Julie Heade”] . We called ahead and she met us in the lobby. Julie surprised us with a number of interesting activities performed by this animal sanctuary.
First off were the “super heroes” of the center, viewed behind a fish tank window. These are cats that give regular blood donations.  (When you visit, ask how many blood types cats have. Then ask how many dogs have.) Julie took us on a tour where we met one of the cats giving blood. There are dogs who come regularly into the center and donate blood, too.  A large “treat” box is a popular reward area, which makes them happy to share!

Owners Grieve Over Pets Like People

If you have a pet, whether it be a bird, hamster, or rabbit, they are precious. People grieve over their pets just like cherished family and friends. Go into the “Grief Room” and discover a lovely, peaceful place where people sit with their pets in final moments and grief therapy is offered. It sounded like a beautiful way of working through the sadness of loosing a best friend.  Dove Lewis has special programs through the Pet Loss Support program:

It’s year end, and maybe you have already dropped off a check at the Food Bank or any various charity. Why not consider this wonderful place, too, DoveLewis. The good work they do there might have meaning for you some day… or maybe someone else. In any event, out of curiosity, call them and ask for a tour. If you need to bring a hurt animal, yes, even yours, in, they are open 24/7!  Wow! Check them out and give a charity donation.
Julie:  971.255.5911  (Ask about her rabbits.) 
Emergency:  503.228.7281

Dove Lews, Animal 24 Hour Emergency