Oh, Wow! Someone Sent Me a Letter!

Surprise Letter Isn’t it fun to get a card in the mail from a friend? I love receiving them and sending them. As my kids have grown up, moving in and out, and going to different places, I’ve made it a custom to send envelopes with interesting stuff to them.  Articles, Recipes, packages of tea, a $5 bill, and I include their mail that comes to my address.
Today, a package is going out to my son. Here is some stuff I clipped from newspapers and included in a recent “care package” for my son who works in Seattle for an Architect firm.  A little something for each topic he’s interested in.


Why We Travel” showing an amazing photo of a man surfing a humungous wave (WOW! by Guillermo Cervera, Barcelona, Spain.


Green Acres by the Skyscrapers” article by Adam H. Graham and the amazing hundred-foot concrete “Supertrees” at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.


The Sunday Oregonian COMICS 



Cherry Pie Recipe and a Photo of what it looks like. (Makes my mouth water.)

Cat Wilson's Cherry Pie

Cat Wilson’s Cherry Pie

You might be wondering … with all the links, why not just send him an email?  Well, I thought about sending my son an email and just giving him links to all the articles but then I wouldn’t be able to send him the recipe for Cherry Pie. There is no link to my personal stash of favorite recipes that I’ve collected over the years.  This is a good time for baking with cherries, and I know he and his girlfriend both like to cook and bake. Yes, I know it has sugar and wheat. My worldview says, “Once a Year Pie is OK” and so I share the secret recipe for the best Cherry Pie I’ve every made.


Oh, I also like to put something in the package he doesn’t expect. A small yellow envelope with a $10 bill, two tea bags and a note of love from mom..

Forwarded Mail

Letters, school information, etc. that he needs to respond.

A Question for You

Something Nice
Okay, now I was wondering…
WHEN you get a newsletter in your email… or a “You’ve Got Mail and Stuff” letter, with what and how would you want to find and be surprised? I would just love to hear all your preferences. Please share this request with your friends and family and email me. I can be reached at catwilsoncoach@gmail.com . Thanks!
Cat Wilson