Blake Face by RHWilson

Blake Face by RHWilson

Did you ever have a day that simply went weird and crazy? Despite all attempts of normality, the world simply wasn’t normal. Such a day can be frustrating!   How does a person calm down when frustrated or emotionally flooded? EFT.
Today was such a day. Funny that it would happen today, because we were doing a webinar on Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, a process for handling emotional flooding.

What is Emotional Flooding?

Panic attacks, addictive urges, phobias, guilt, depression, these are all experiences where emotions “runnith over” or emotional flooding. When this happens a person gets stuck. They may freeze up or get so frustrated that they feel depleted. What is needed is a shift. EFT is a tool that can help.

How Does EFT Work?

Gary Craig developed emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) over a decade ago. Gary attended a class on Thought Field Therapy (TFT) with Roger Callahan. He practiced the process and found he could shorten it. The result was EFT. Both EFT and TFT processes can be used to clear emotional or physical problems, and Gary liked his shortened one. He shared this process openly with Veterans of wars, people with phobias, and wrote a book, which he made available so people could help themselves as well as others.
EFT involves focusing on an issue while tapping on a series of meridians on the body. These meridians are similar to the locations used in acupuncture or acupressure.

One Weird and Crazy Day in Portland Can Get Better

You can use EFT for any and even more than the following:

  1. Emotional Flooding
  2. Addictions, Urges, Habits
  3. Panic Attacks and Phobias
  4. Headaches
  5. Guilt, Depression, Anger, Trauma, Fears
  6. Physical Pain
  7. Sports Performance
  8. Relationship Issues

When you experience an issue, you begin with what is called “The Setup.” Keeping attention on the issue, notice the intensity and give it a number (10 – high and 0 is low). Now it’s time to get the words and action going.
Create a phrase, using a set of specific words: “Even though I have this _______, I deeply and completely love and support myself.”  Now tap on the meridian points. After three rounds, you may notice a “shift.” Keep going until you “unpeel” all the layers. Each round you may notice old stuff under thoughts, and you just keep tapping till gone.
Today was a challenge, but now that I’ve used EFT, I feel in control of my emotions and free to experience something better.
EFT is a wonderful tool that you can use, too, at almost any age. It’s fast and effective.

Dare to Give EFT a Try?

Rich Aanrich and Cat Wilson are skilled in EFT to help anyone who wants to feel better and experience a happier life. We are EFT-Advanced Practitioners, and Cat works as a Volunteer with the Veterans Administration using EFT.
Maybe you are having one weird and crazy day in Portland, Oregon, or any other place. We can work with you on the telephone, online, or in person. When you want to learn more or set an appointment, send a messenger dove, try drumming signals, or simply give us a call at 503-525-0595.
A little tap’ll do ya.
Now you can relax after your one weird and crazy day in Portland.

One Weird and Crazy Day in Portland by RHWilson

One Weird and Crazy Day in Portland by RHWilson