Mt Hood in Portland 2What Opens Your Heart?
Look around you and see all the amazing brilliance of Autumn!  Isn’t it amazing what glory nature exhibits in the final show before Winter comes to help us rest?
Nature provides an abundant banquet on the planet, whether you are in Anchorage, Alaska or Santa Cruz, California or Paris, France.  Where are you and what can you see around you that opens your heart?
Sitting inside can stifle creativity. Moving outside can open your heart, especially when you’ve only been in your world. One caveat I wish to add is … I know there are many people out there in places where war is keeping them locked in or weather is prohibiting you from going far outside your room.

I wonder if I can offer a journey for you inside.

Sitting in this place, pick a moment and remember a time when you were in a lovely natural setting. Maybe you were walking on a path, along a beach, or trudging through the tundra. Feeling the ground beneath you, a pebble or a rock caught your attention and you moved your mind to a time that was hard. Memories flushed to the surface and for a while you were there! Noticing all that enters your mind, the smells and tastes of the moment, the sounds that surfaced with melodies and wind and people and animals …  you listen.  Hmmm.rock in hand
Yet, you are still walking on this journey and awaken to the sounds and life around you. A deep desire comes to mind and you can feel your heart beating, your mind racing and  joyous ideas and fascinations! And you find your face intensely smiling or engaged in feeling! Uplifted you notice your journey, and you feel more positively moved to an open heart.  Hmmm. As you turn back to where you began to find yourself energized and feel lighter and even taking in deeper breaths. Ahhhh.
Isn’t it nice to open yourself? You can do this anytime you like, and with more practice you’ll discover what opens your heart.  Enjoy your day! This is Cat Wilson in Portland, Oregon.