Are you a person who likes to walk? Would you like to go on a journey to have more control over your weight? Let’s go to the Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon with Rich Aanrich. On the way, you will find a surprise.
This is Rich, and you are going to venture with me to a place that is very hidden and wonderful. We will start at the beautiful Portland Rose Garden. We get to open up to a sensory feast of color, scent and sound. This is only the beginning, because I will take you from here to a very mysterious and rarely visited marvel of a place called the Pittock Mansion. As we are journeying through the mansion we will be combining the sites and discoveries with the abilities to obtain control over our own eating. The Pittock Mansion is one of the most unique and wonderful landmarks in Portland. You, too, are unique and wonderful.

The Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion

In some ways visiting the Pittock Mansion is like visiting our own inner workings of our marvelous digestive system. A place not all that well known and which is also an important landmark within ourselves. There are places along the way to stop and rest, some to enjoy, and others to discover the beauty all around. Like eating, just because there is abundance of wonderful things all around you, doesn’t mean that you have to bring it all back with you. In your mind’s eye – you can enjoy an experience to satisfy you and give you more control.
Are you ready to go? Okay, here’s the surprise. A FREE audio of the journey through the Pittock Mansion awaits you on our website. We combine all of the sensory elements of different kinds of eating to help you to get control over your impulses around eating, and to be more masterful at it.
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