By Cynthia Wilson
This last weekend I went to Folsom, CA to clear out a storage unit that contained primarily ‘my stuff’ from my past. I had collected all sorts of things over a 6 year period in that region of California…and other items over a 32/33yr timeframe (AKA: my lifetime). I had to go through boxes and boxes of things and decide the following: Keep or Donate. These decisions are not always easy to make are they folks? I knew that all the furniture pieces in the unit…all of which belonged to myself alone, would be donated. Then there were the boxes of things that went with the furniture…all of which was also donated. The furniture and ‘furniture furnishings’ were the easiest things to release into the world to those that needed them far more than I do/did.
Releasing Our Past…Gaining the Present  & Future
About a quarter to nearly a half of what was in the storage unit somehow still made its way home to the Portland, OR area with me. I had kept so much stuff that I just simply had no more need for over the last year! I kept all sorts of blank paper or similar other office supplies that just was no longer needed in my life. (I already had lots of that in storage in Oregon anyway). I donated clothing, two full sets of dishes, silverware, nice kitchen knives, among a few other things in addition to the furniture donated. I felt really good about going through all the items. I felt even better about being fully willing to give so much of my stuff away for others that would need it more than myself. In the process, I found items that I had forgotten about and was so excited to be found again. I even found items I had thought were somehow ‘lost forever’ among all my belongings; such items were a true joy to find. Some boxes that I had not had the time to go through ALSO made their way home with me. There was a box of books I had not gone through while in California that made their way home—I was relieved after opening the box they had come home to Portland, OR with me.
I knew the goal of the trip would be to keep stuff most needed and get rid of stuff no longer of use. Both goals were completely met. Since my return home to Portland, OR, I have surrounded myself with the things I have missed for the last year. As I turn 33 yrs old by the end of September 2013, I also look forward to a bigger, better, and brighter future containing: financial gain/security, a full love life, full spiritual and full contented career life than ever before!
Do you have some things you are holding on to that you no longer need? Do you have spiders/spider webs to clear out of your life experiences in order to enjoy life more joyously and abundantly? Or do you have actual physical stuff you have been keeping that really need to be released back into the universe for others to now enjoy? Come to Apositiva and let us be your guide and partner in helping you reach happiness without all the stuff weighing you down! You may set up a free 30-minute consult by calling (503) 525-0595 or visit our website at for more information regarding the services you may seek!