Resplendent Lives

A Personal Development Experience for Women

Sept. 16-18, 2011
(See 2015 Retreat)

Hidden Lake Retreat

re splend ent (ri splen’dent) adj. [ Latin re-, again + splendere, to shine] shining brightly; dazzling
Feeling overstressed? Overstuffed, disorganized, chaotic? Need a break? YES, But…
Hey! Stop. You may be a woman, but you are human. Take time to get out of your way and reconnect! This week-end retreat is about embracing your Life/Work balance. Women who work and work and work… get burned out. If you are one of these women or know one who could use a little time away, then this week-end retreat is for you.
Desire is an expression of your deepest self: follow it’s lead. Come and join a small group of women in a fun and experiential week-end where you will:

  • Learn How to Get Out of Your Way
  • Rediscover Your Strengths
  • Connect With Others
  • Be in Your Flow

Cat Wilson and Marci Nemhauser, Trainers and Coaches, will guide you through transformational exercises. You will enjoy time together to connect in a group, as well as play on your own, to explore some of your desires. In this “Transformational Retreat” you will dig out the weeds in your personal development garden and energize your life essence! Creatively. Come to Focus, Energize, and Shine.
Retreat will be held at Hidden Lake Retreat where you can sit back and relax in a tranquil environment in nature. Meals and refreshments will be provided. Workshop includes journals, activities, meals, and more. Participants will select for and pay separately for personal accommodations. Choice of lodge, yurt, and camping.
Information packages will be sent to all who register and pay.
Space is Limited, so SIGN UP NOW. 503.525.0595.