We can create a wider view for more choices for well being.

Face it. Handle it. Deal with it. Put your finger on it. Take care of it. What exactly is “it”?
When I was little, maybe 8 years or so, my father said, “What’s that mess? Take care of it.”
In my young mind, a marker for “it” was placed, so that now when people introduce the “it” into conversation I see a group of Barbie dolls on the floor with bits and pieces of doll clothes, shoes and plastic doll furniture. Ken and some troll dolls are also among the “mess.” Yet this picture of a long, long time ago is still framed in my mind with not “Lilies by Monet” … rather “Mess by C. Wilson.” Maybe this added to my fascination with helping people.
“Stress” originated in England between 1275 – 1325 and was a variant of the word “distress” or distress – a verb. According to Webster’s Dictionary, stress is a constraining force or influence. Interesting. So the “stress” thing is actually something that moves, a verb, an action. So, this means there must be a way to “re-enact” what is going on to take the stress apart.
How many times have you found yourself in a stressful situation, yet feel frozen, still, unable to move? It’s an odd combination the way we use our bodies. You might take a scary thought and put it in your brain and create a wierd reaction called stress. Some people use such strategies to get themself busy. “Gotta start exercising or I’ll die of a heart attack.” or “Better change my smoking habit or I’ll get Cancer.” Maybe that is one way to get themselves activated. Yet, did you know that there are other strategies.
In our “Practical Strategies for Handling Stress” mini-lecture, we actually present “Myths of Stress Management” and help participants to “Move from inappropriate activities to gain more Peace of Mind.”  If you are ready to find a new and better way, come to our little gatherings where you get five steps that lead to well-being and enjoy the synergy of a better experience.
We  hold these mini-workshops sporatically throughout the summer.  Please call to find out when the next one is being held, and R.S.V.P. so we have enough stress management for everyone! Call Cat at 503.816.5104 and leave a message or a text. or e-mail cat@apositiva.com.  Rich Aanrich and Cat Wilson will give you a special handout for you to play along and leave with a better and more positive plan!