What Does a Coaching Session Feel Like?


My Inner Lilly

Today, I met with an “Honored Guest” – how we refer to our clients – and asked her to share her sense of what a session felt like.  You are reading about a “Health Coaching Session.”
Cat: Hi, Tearei, today you had a health coaching session with me. What was it like for you today?
Tearei: Boy, that’s a good one. I felt great! Very empowered and I had a clear sense of where I am going and where I am headed.
Cat: Did it hurt?
Tearei: (Laughter) Not at all. It was very easy and very comfortable.
Cat: So what did you expect when you came in?
Tearei: Usually we do hypnotherapy, so I wasn’t expecting to talk to much, but to listen. But this was more interactive and I liked that, and I discovered a lot about myself.
Cat: Please share with our viewers what sort of discovery you got?
Tearei: How happy I am with my life, how far I’ve come, and what’s left for me to work on.
Cat:  Could you please share the process you experienced in the coaching session today?
Tearei:  Let’s see… We talked about a focus. Then we talked about “Beliefs and Values” and “What I Want”…  Self Confidence” and “What that means to me.”  Then we focused in on specific goals and Behaviors to accomplish them.
Cat:  How were you about the process of “Stepping thru your Outcome”?
Tearei: I was standing up, going back and forth between the past and the present. When we talked about something negative I would step back to the past and “shake it off.”  I was looking at a chart on the wall that we were working on. You asked me about an image of what self confidence looked like to me and I said a “Stargazer Lily.”
Cat: Anything else that you want to add about your session today? What did you walk out with today?
Tearei: It was a wonderful learning experience. I walked out with a good sense of who I am and where I am headed. I’m taking my map with me with my goals to remind me of what I’m doing.
Cat: I noticed that you took a photo with your phone.
Tearei: It’s just so I always have it with me, even if I’m not at home.
Cat : Anything else that you want people to know?
Tearei: It’s a great process and very helpful!
Cat: Thanks, Tearei for being willing to share your experience.
Tearei: Thank you.

 You, too can be a “Stargazer Lily.”

You have a little bit from my client, who just finished. It’s hard to know what to share with people, and yet inside you’ve got what you came for, which is what is really important. My Honored Guest and Client knows that she has all the answers. I am merely a Guide to ask the questions, let her go deeper to the real meaning of what she wants in her life, and be a witness to her growth.
Next Step:
Call Cat a free 30-minute coaching session at 503-816-5104.  You can also email her at  catwilsoncoach@gmail.com .

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Cat Wilson is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) through a nationally recognized educational organization (CCE) and a member of ICF NW Coaches. She learned coaching with Tim Halboom’s NLP Coaching and Michael Hall’s Neuro-Semantic Coaching program. Her partner, Rich Aanrich, has been Coach trained and certified by the same organizations.
Cat and Rich sat down with what they learned and developed new processes and tools that met the needs of various clients who processed with different learning styles. These are included in the Growing Coach Training program taught at Apositiva. People who want to help others grow may contact Cat and join the course which begins July 19-21, 2013 with Module I and will continue with Modules II, III, IV, and IV. You can also go on to Executive Coaching and Advanced classes to support Coaches.  For information and signing up for course Call Cat now. We look forward to meeting you!